Sore Nipples & Picky Eaters?



It was just over 13 years ago…I was the Mommy to 3 wonderful kids, 5, 2, and newborn…life was great…or was it? I was 2 weeks postpartum, getting no sleep with a colicky baby boy, trying to manage a spastic potty training 2 year old princess, and running my adorable red headed kindergartner back and forth to school.

My husband had flown in from working in the middle east…the day after our son was born, and now 2 weeks later he had to return to his job…without us. I look back at that season in my life and I remember this one day in particular sitting at the stop sign in the neighborhood…on my way to pick up my daughter from school…and all I wanted to do was drive off into the sunset and never look back…

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Then the car behind me honked and forced me backed into reality…and I cried out to God for HELP…I was desperate…for sleep, for some sanity, for my nipples to stop hurting from nursing, for the hemorrhoids to go away, for a warm meal without the baby crying, for not having to wash another load of wet panties… from my lack of consistency while potty training, from trying to do homework with a child who had already spent all day at school…oh yeah…right…I don’t have to continue with this list… your a momma… you get it! But in the moment when I cried out for help…God heard my cry…and he sent me an angel…in the shape of a friend…a friend who has spoken into my life so many times with words of wisdom with love in the midst of me learning to be a mom! Learning…yes! You heard me right…motherhood takes a lot of learning! It’s a journey of good times & hard times, amazing times of building memories and character training…both for the child and the parent! It’s learning to cherish every precious moment that takes your breath away! I want to encourage you to find a support group…seek out someone who has raised a few children, or is still in the process…but maybe a few steps ahead of you, where you can see the fruit in their kids of time tested good character. (which is doing the right thing even when they think no one is watching!) We must help each other as parents, encourage one another, pray for each other, and also make an effort to train our daughters in this role of motherhood to make a difference in the next generation! Watch this weeks Movie Monday video on parenting as Laundry Mom Angela and her angel friend ( of now almost 20 years) talk about feeding picky eaters and managing the laundry on a daily basis!

We hope this weeks video encouraged you and would love for you to let us know what challenges you might be facing!

Leave us a comment below or come on over to Facebook and let’s talk about how motherhood can be challenging but also the greatest role on the planet!

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