Al & I have been pretty motivated to make “War on Debt” in the past two years.  Hearing story after compelling story of the many many people that were paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars off in debt gave us the renewed vision we needed to change our mindset about debt and spending! We have trimmed the fat, chopped our credit cards, given consistently, and have said “no more” to personal debt.  We’ve established new budgets, and made room in them for fun!  We’ve cleared consumer debt and are whacking away at our mortgage with plans to be free in a few years.  Overall we’re excited, motivated and ready to owe “no man no thing.”

And yet, the weak moments creep in.  Out of nowhere.  And just when the resolve seems greater than ever, one or both of us gets hit. It usually sneaks in as an excuse, “Well we saved this much on ___ so really, we can easily afford to spend it on___.”  Or in those moments at home, when we feel tired, or overworked, or just distracted. Or craving distraction…and I waste time and/or money shopping online.

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We give in to the occasional extra hot drink out, or new piece of clothing, or a meal above the budgeted amount, but nothing too big.  Until last weekend, when a combination of factors nearly did us in. Let’s just say that a spontaneous stop-in at Ikea while in Vancouver for the day, combined with no real list, only one hour until we needed to catch a ferry, and a whole pile of really sweet finds made us a little more impulsive than we ought.

We cruised through- and I added all sorts of things to the cart that I just knew I couldn’t possibly find in my wonderful hometown Victoria.

Oh, and while we’re at it… let’s just add two armchairs to the purchase.  We’ve wanted them for awhile, after all, and they’re a great deal, and the perfect size, and they’ll fit in the van and and and…

We get to the till with only moments to spare before we needed to leave, to make sure we’d catch the last ferry of the night.

Have you ever given in to impulsive buying?  How do you deal with those unexpected finds- and how do you draw the lines between luxury and necessity?  Part 2 of this story- next week!



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