Shades of Grace

We all approach our lives with a certain belief system in place. Sometimes we are hopeful; sometimes we’re fearful; sometimes we are like a walking panic disorder! I know some people who are like Eeyore, always going through life bemoaning their troubles and expecting the worst. Then there are those who go through life with “rose colored glasses.” They are expecting the best in life and seeing the good side of everything.

What color are your glasses? Are you hiding behind a dark cloud of fear or hopelessness? Or did you slip on those rosy shades this morning? I’ve found out that whether we expect the best or expect the worst, we’ll usually get it every time!


It tells us in scripture that God will keep us in perfect peace him when we are trusting in Him (Isaiah 26:3). The cool thing about a relationship with God is that we begin to know his character, and He is full of abounding Grace! In Psalm 119: 68, we learn that God is good and does only good. What an awesome character! He IS a good God, and He only does good in our lives. There is no need to walk around expecting the worst or being fearful of everything. When we are trusting in God, then we can walk around in peace, expecting all good things to come into our lives. Even the things that throw us for a loop, God has a perfect plan for it to bring us ultimate joy and fulfillment. We don’t need to be afraid.

Take off those dark shades of doom and gloom and slip on those rosy shades. Expect the best in life because that’s what God wants for you. Expect good things to fall across your path because God will make it happen. You can trust Him, and He will never let you down.

See? It’s getting brighter already!


LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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