You hardly ever hear about how important it is to love yourself in a relationship. It always seems to be about the other person. But I can tell you right now that what you bring to the table is just as important as what is sitting across from it. A person can only love you as much as you love yourself.

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It’s high time that moms began cultivating a little more self-love. We must be the most critical group of people in the world. How often do you smile at yourself in the mirror? Or announce your accomplishments to others? Don’t dishonor yourself by criticizing who you are. So much potential and possibility lies within you, and so many attributes are already there. When you disparage your life, your dreams, your thoughts, your body, you do yourself a gross disservice. Don’t shroud your brilliance. You are an amazing individual with a lot to offer, so let it shine.

If you really want to make a relationship work, then begin by appreciating yourself. How you feel about yourself will set the bar for how others feel about you. If you clothe yourself in criticism, then people will criticize you. If you think you are flawed, then people will see those flaws first before noticing anything else about you. If you feel that you deserve nothing, then that’s exactly what you will get out of life – nothing. The energy you radiate will direct how a person relates to you. if you exude confidence and acceptance, then other people will absorb that emotion without even realizing it. You will be treated with respect, admiration, courtesy, and fondness when, and only when, you give others permission to do so. Your permission exists in the form of your self-esteem. Believe you are worthy of love, and love will be showered on you.


LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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