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Many people go to a restaurant not knowing what they’re in for. They think it looks good from commercials on television, ads on the computer, or billboards posted all over our cities. But in this over-abundance of flashy signs to lure people to the facilities, the majority of people forget to see past the pretty pictures, and take a look inside the kitchen. At Seasons Harvest of Cypress, Texas, you know you are getting exactly what they tell you. In this family owned and operated, farm-to-table restaurant, every dish served is wholefully organic, absent of any harsh chemicals or developmental enhancers.

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Season’s Harvest Café is open for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday to Saturday. Along with fresh soups, salads, and sandwiches, they offer a daily option of Raw, Vegan, and Gluten-free menu choice.  Every day the menu changes, according to the freshest ingredients from the organic local farms like Rawfully Organic Produce and Yonder Way Farm.  On top of the pure food made fresh and plated with care every day, you have a great, friendly, down-to-earth staff that will treat you as part of their family.

So I urge you, see past the hollow commercials and advertisements, and come to the family friendly setting where you know that what is placed before you, is what God intended food to be. Pure, fresh, and unaltered by man. Friends, take a look at the video below to get an exclusive peek, and come enjoy a delicious healthy meal at the Season’s Harvest Café.

I also encourage you to seek out local co-ops, farmers markets and family farms in your area to make sure your feeding your family the best options possible!



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