Scavenger Hunt

Let’s face it, garages and attics are never much fun to clean–unless, of course, you are having a scavenger hunt!

Have you gotten on board with our little domestic spring cleaning fling? Then you know that we are deep cleaning and de-cluttering this week and the focus is on our garages, attics, and any outdoor areas.

But we have a specific goal in mind–we are going to go on a scavenger hunt just in time for Summer vacation! One way that we have always saved money around here is to find old toys and give them a little makeover so they can be used as items to give away or to make money on eBay! Chances are, if you are a seasoned mom, you probably have lots of toys stuck away here and there throughout your home. Or maybe if you are a newbie mom, then you may already have some infant toys hiding away in your attic or garage. Here’s what to do about it…

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Roll up your sleeves and go on a scavenger hunt! Pull out those toys and give them a good, old-fashioned cleaning… the idea is to trade them with (or give them away to) a family that can use them. If you are part of a co-op or mom group, then post some pics and offer a trade for toys that your kids may enjoy for Christmas later this year or you could also post the pics on a free resource such as Craigslist.com and make some extra money for a stress free summer holiday.

If you’re worried that you may need them in the future, then think about this. The more we open ourselves up to give and share our resources, the more God pours into our lives. I have never seen this fail in my life. Whenever I give away something that I think I will need later and then trust God for it at the right time, He always comes through–in the perfect time and with something even better than I had before.

Try going on the great toy scavenger hunt and see what kind of miracles show up!


LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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