Save My Marriage

Do you have a good marriage but you want it to be a great marriage? Has the passion in your marriage flat lined? Is your marriage falling apart? Every couple faces difficult challenges in marriage. Don’t give up don’t settle for less than a vibrant relationship.


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Instead of considering how to get out of the relationship, turn things around.Check Out this interview with Phillip and Holly Wagner as they give tips on how to turn your marriage around in 10 days!


In this book by Phillip Wagner you will discover some simple, but dynamically effective principles to invite passion, vision and intimacy back into your marriage. This is one of the best and most practical books on marriage I have ever read. I underlined on every page and it motivated me to put more energy into my marriage. Philip Wagner packs an incredible wealth of practical wisdom in this gem easy to read volume. If you want to rekindle your relationship and keep your marriage fresh then this book is for you.

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