Rest Stops…

“Keep Calm and Carry On” is the visual mantra we see everywhere around us. But don’t forget to stop! Rest times increase productivity and focus, and let’s face it-bring a lot more joy to life!

When I was working as a labor & delivery nurse, we were scheduled to have three half hour meal breaks during our twelve hour shift. Being a stay-at-home mom of little ones doesn’t allow us that luxury of uninterrupted meal breaks-but is it possible to schedule in break times for ourselves? I believe it is- and it’s necessary!

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Here’s simple ways you can bring pause to your life:

Sit down.  So simple, but are there moms out there who can relate with me on this one? I often need to really force myself to sit! And not just at the computer!

Pray.  Give thanks for what’s right in front of you.

Drink.  Sip water or herbal tea. I like to keep a pot of tea on the counter and drink small cups throughout the morning. Drink slowly, and enjoy it!

Eat.  A small high-protein snack helps to fuel the mind! Try a few almonds & a piece of fruit for a 5 minute break. Sneak into a quiet space occasionally to eat your own salad or sandwich at lunchtime and pretend you’re on your lunch break at “work”. It’s fun!

Doodle. Pick up a pen and scrap of paper and have fun!

Go low. Get down on the floor. Make a block tower with your kids, build a Lego creation, roll a ball with your baby…just get down and play!

Get outside. Open the door and breathe deep.

– Move. Bounce on the trampoline, skip rope, play hopscotch, throw a ball or Frisbee,

Stretch.  You likely know already what feels good for your body. If you need more ideas try these here!

Read. Have a magazine, devotional or book on the go that allows for 5-10 minutes of reading at a time.

Create. Make something! Knit, crochet or embroidery projects can be picked up for short windows of time.

Plug in.  In the middle of a hectic morning, I’ll sometimes pop my headphones and listen to a worship music. Even 5 minutes brings me back to that place of rest.

Connect.  Pick up the phone and say hello to a real person in real time. It’s such a blessing to hear a friend’s voice when we’re in the throws of life at home.


What are some ways you pause, regroup and rest in your days?


Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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