Repairing the Body One Drop at a Time

Repairing the Body One Drop at a Time
by Ashley Knight


Our bodies were perfectly designed by God. When I think about each detail and how each piece works together to give us the ability to pick up a cup or walk, I’m in total awe of our creator. One part of our body that I underestimate is our connective tissue such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. These play vital roles in our completion of even the simplest of tasks. However the moment one of our tendons or ligaments is strained or torn, we are immediately aware of them due to the excruciating pain we feel. Thankfully, there is an essential oil that is especially good at supporting the connective tissue in our bodies.

That oil is…

Repairing the Body One Drop at a Time


You’re probably familiar with it from Asian cuisines or maybe it’s a part of your favorite herbal tea blend. Lemongrass essential oil can support many systems of the body to include your immune system, digestive system, and your connective tissue. It may help with healing connective tissues, headaches, killing bacteria, detoxifying your digestive tract, liver, kidneys, bladder and pancreas, relaxing muscles, and reducing stress and inflammation. I’m going to share a few stories of how lemongrass essential oil has helped to heal connective tissues because we probably all have sprained a wrist or twisted an ankle and needed it to heal faster.

My husband is an athlete. He would probably disagree with me but he was gifted with balance, agility and speed. He’s played sports all of his life and has always been focused on fitness. After years of pounding his joints and ligaments, they are not as strong as they used to be. He was experiencing unbearable pain in his achilles tendon. He could no longer run, which was so sad because he loves it. Our chiropractor recommended he apply lemongrass essential oil to his heel and achilles tendon at night before bed. It helped to relieve the extreme pain and discomfort. Although he probably won’t be running again because it’s so very hard on the body, he has experienced relief from his achilles pain.

These testimonials echo the experience my husband had with lemongrass essential oil and I hope they will help you understand the power of lemongrass.

“I fell down some steps a few years ago and landed on my wrist. I got up and immediately put PanAway oil on my wrist because it hurt the most. I went off to work. I kept putting PanAway on, but the wrist was swollen and painful.

Within a week it got so painful I would cringe when I moved it wrong. Finally by week two the pain was so severe when I tried to type, I decided I better have it checked. So I called the hand specialist and went in. He looked at it and said he thought the bone was broken. He did a MRI and said I tore 2 or 3 (can’t remember now) ligaments and I needed surgery. I said no, now that I know what it is I want to try my oils first. He laughed and said you will be back, just call when you want surgery.

I read the oil book and it said Lemongrass and Cypress. So I did those oils and PanAway faithfully. To my amazement, it healed. My wrist to this day has never bother me or hurt and it moves in all directions. Because I had torn the ligaments, I truly didn’t think the oils would work but they did. My philosophy has become “when in doubt, just oil it!”.”
-Bonnie R.

“I tore my rotator cuff and was told by a sports surgeon that I would need surgery in order to gain use of my arm again. At that time I was not able to put my hand up to brush my hair without using my other arm to bring it back down. I had no strength at all and to make matters worse the pain had travelled into my back and into my other arm.

Now I had tendonitis in both arms as well as the torn cuff. The Celebrex he gave me was not taking the pain away so he gave me a prescription for a stronger painkiller. It was at this time I made up my mind to give the oils a try. I used many different ones but I got the best results when I used the Sulfurzyme four times a day as well as the Wintergreen on the bottom of my feet and on my arm and shoulder as well as the Lemongrass. I know it was this combination that worked for me.

After about a week I started to notice the difference, the pain was less intense and I felt my mobility was coming back. I kept up the routine of oils and Sulfurzyme and was able to show my doctor that my tear was healing and that I wouldn’t be having the surgery, he half jokingly said don’t tell anyone else or I’ll be out of business. It took a little while to gain back all my strength where I could lift barbells again but Young Living products helped me avoid the surgery, took away the pain and gave me mobility of my arm again.”
-Robert R.

As you go about your day today, take a moment to recognize the beauty of how our bodies are made and the creator who designed us. Even though we aren’t always functioning as well as designed, we have been given the gift of Young Living’s essential oils to help us return our bodies to a better state of health. If you would like to help your family heal with the use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, please head over to TheDropsofJoy.org to learn more.



Ashley Knight

Ashley Knight is married to her best friend and husband, Nick, and mama to two sweet, joyful girls, Grace and Finnegan. She is passionate about living a holistic lifestyle, travel, Young Living essential oils and products, eating whole foods, serving others and learning about God’s magnificent, undeserved Grace.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ashley’s lived in Texas for 5 years now and has officially picked up Y’all and Sir/Ma’am but will always be a native Arizonan. When not chasing or nursing a little one, Ashley is reading and learning how to support her family’s health and wellness with Young Living’s diverse products and pure essential oils.

Disclaimer: I am a Mom who is passionate about using natural products to improve the health of her family, but I’m not a medical professional. The information in the blog is for educational information only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease, illness or injury should consult a physician.

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