Relieving the Pressure of Life’s Daily Demands

Relieving the Pressure of Life’s Daily Demands

by Ashley Knight


One of the parenthood rites of passage is driving in a vehicle with a screaming baby in the back. When it’s your first child, you’re convinced they’re in grave danger and have to pull over to check every few minutes. However, if it’s any child after the first and you’re anything like me, then you simply thank God she’s still breathing, start taking your own deep breaths, pray and keep driving. Even as a more seasoned parent, I’m still very troubled by my babies crying. It makes me anxious and I want to get somewhere so I can see to her needs. If you add any sort of traffic situation to this scenario, then you can see the stress level going through the roof.

It was in one of these car moments when I discovered…


Relieving the Pressure of Life’s Daily Demands


…the beauty of Stress Away™ essential oil blend. I was on a day trip with my daughters when the 7 month old, who despises her car seat, started crying and quickly ratcheted it up. I know her cries pretty well and knew this was her voicing her strong dislike of the car. We had an hour drive ahead of us and had already stopped 3 times between potty breaks and nursing …. and we were only 3 miles from home! I really didn’t want to stop again and I knew she was just mad. I reached over to my bag of oils and grabbed Stress Away™. I rubbed a few drops on my wrists and hands then inhaled deeply. Between the calming oil and the deep breaths, I started to feel my anxiety level drop. I was able to release the tension and worry that creeps up on us mamas when our babies are upset. In that moment, I was so thankful for Stress Away™ oil blend as it literally took my stress away and my baby eventually gave up and went to sleep.

I can give you endless examples of stressful situations in our lives, some minor stressors like babies crying in cars, hosting a party, etc. and some major stressors like illness, broken families, heartbreak, etc. but no matter what it is we must find healthy tools to deal with the stress we encounter in our daily lives. It’s especially helpful to know in advance what helps you to get through those situations. For me, prayer and quiet time is essential to finding the calm place in the storm. Stress Away ™ essential oil blend has become a tool that I use in conjunction with prayer, quiet time and taking deep breaths.

Stress Away™ has a deliciously tropical smell and is the first Young Living product to contain Lime and Vanilla as well as Copaiba, Cedarwood, Ocotea, and Lavender pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and our stress levels will be increasing. It always seems like time goes into overdrive between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We just can’t seem to get everything done and still enjoy the little moments. So as you approach this holiday season consider the calming benefits of Stress Away™. It’s great to diffuse as you’re getting ready to host a dinner party or any family get together. It helps to creating a calm environment for you and your kids as well as the guests as they arrive. As much as we all love our families, they can be a source of stress for many of us so now’s the time to start using the Stress Away™ oil blend. If you have to travel to visit family, consider adding this to your travel kit and use it to calm yourself on the plane or drive, or maybe to keep your cool when that one uncle starts speaking offensively and making everyone uncomfortable (but maybe that’s just our family).

My husband travels by plane frequently for business and has anxiety during take off and any turbulence. He applies Stress Away™ to his temples to ease the anxiety and finds it helps him to relax until he’s reached cruising altitude or passed the turbulence. In our world, there are so many stressors it’s always helpful to have one more tool to help us get through those tough moments.

Here is another mom’s story about the power of Stress Away™ :

“I had been going through a tough time, and my doctor had prescribed Xanax and a generic insomnia medication to help me remain calm and sleep all night. Regardless, I would still have difficulty returning to sleep if I woke up to change positions or go to the bathroom. I would be awake for hours, sometimes not going back to sleep at all, especially if my alarm was set to go off in the morning. When I became pregnant, I had to wean off the drugs. The nausea that ensued as I weaned off was worse than the morning sickness I already had. About a month after I had my baby, the racing thoughts and heart rate returned. If my baby slept for a longer stretch, I did not. Everyone kept telling me that it was my hormones and that I would adjust. For months I tossed and turned between 2:30 and 5:00 AM. I was so desperate for something to change, and I knew there were not any drugs that I could take because I was nursing.

Then when my son was sleeping through the night consistently — and I was not — I thought that I was going to lose my mind. I was so sick of being exhausted. I heard of therapeutic-grade essential oils, and I decided to try the Stress Away essential oil blend. I started with putting 1 to 2 drops on my pillow. I have been sleeping all night ever since. This past month I have been getting the best quality of sleep in my entire life! Even if my son does wake up to nurse or if I have to get up for some reason, I am relaxed and able to fall back to sleep quickly. I even feel refreshed when I wake up. I have never felt better. Since I used to need strong prescriptions to help me sleep all night, I did not think that some simple essential oil could actually work. Not only does it work, but it works better! I also do not have to worry about or deal with unpleasant side effects, and I will not have to stop taking it if I become pregnant again.

Also, if I feel stressed or anxious during the day, I take 1 to 2 drops of Stress Away essential oil blend under my tongue (I actually like the taste) and drink half a glass of water. I feel better within 5 to 10 minutes, if not sooner. My husband and I used to be skeptical of essential oils, but we have seen the difference in my life. And now he is asking me what he can use for various issues. He also makes sure that I order the oils before I run out. We are so thankful for these essential oils!”
-Angela S.

So beyond the obvious stress relief, this essential oil blend can be used for alertness too! A good friend was having a hard time waking up one morning and needed to study for an upcoming exam. She decided to give Stress Away ™ a try. After applying it to her temples, she felt more alert and awake which allowed her to focus on her exam preparation. This oil blend helped her to get going and be more focused. Who could use more focus? Ooh Me, me me!

Whether you’re using Stress Away ™ to soothe your nerves, fall asleep or wake up, it’s a great oil to have on hand…especially during the craziness of the holiday season.



Ashley KnightAshley Knight is married to her best friend and husband, Nick, and mama to two sweet, joyful girls, Grace and Finnegan. She is passionate about living a holistic lifestyle, travel, Young Living essential oils and products, eating whole foods, serving others and learning about God’s magnificent, undeserved Grace.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ashley’s lived in Texas for 5 years now and has officially picked up Y’all and Sir/Ma’am but will always be a native Arizonan. When not chasing or nursing a little one, Ashley is reading and learning how to support her family’s health and wellness with Young Living’s diverse products and pure essential oils.

Disclaimer: I am Mom who is passionate about using natural products to improve the health her family, but I’m not a medical professional. The information in the blog is for educational information only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease. Anyone suffering from disease, illness or injury should consult a physician.

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