Radio Broadcast-“I Know I Am”

The Laundry Moms Wish You and Your Family a Happy Rest Day!

Check Out this Wonderful Radio Message  Internet Broadcast That Will Impact Your Life This Day!


Normally we feature a fabulous audio message, but this message by Steven Furtick

over at Elevation Church will ROCK you to the core!

“You’re not ___________ enough.”

This is the lie the enemy plants in our heart every single day. We aren’t smart enough. We aren’t talented enough. We aren’t beautiful enough. At their root, our insecurities don’t necessarily make us question God, but they make us question whether or not we are valuable enough to be used by God. How can we give God glory through our lives when we are so dysfunctional, deficient, and doubtful? In part 2 of our series,

Crash the Chatterbox, Pastor Steven teaches us through the life of Moses how we can overcome our insecurities with the promise “God says I Am.

Check Out the Internet Broadcast Here!

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