Q&A Monday!

This week our Q&A Monday Question is “What Do I Do if My Husband Does Not Want Sex?”…

This tough question has many women in turmoil, since the opposite is thought to be most commonly true. Most men are wired for sex and most women struggle with keeping up . However, this it not always the case…

If you are in the season of having the stronger sex drive in your marriage, and your husband just isn’t interested, please know you are not alone!

Many of us here at The Laundry Moms have experienced this situation with many tears shed over working through a solution…we have several links below from experts who have helped us, plus a hilarious video clip to help you keep your sense of humor through this challenging season…


Check Out these wonderful articles from Sheila Wray Gregoire one of our Favorite Sex Experts!

“My Husband Doesn’t Want to Make Love”

“My Husband Doesn’t Want to Make Love-What Can I Do About It?”


Be Sure and Pick Up Sheila’s Timely Book “#1 days to Great Sex”…it’s A MUST READ!


The Laundry Moms would love to feature a question you might have on raising kids, discipline, bed time, homeschooling or maybe you might have a question pertaining to marriage, motherhood or finding alone time?

Be sure and ask your question in the comments section below or come on over to Facebook to share what challenges you might be facing as a momma!


We’re Here to Help You…As We Sort Out Life…One Load at a Time!

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