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Have you taught your children how to make a bathroom sparkle? Watch Laundry Mom Terri teach her kids their new bathroom cleaning schedule. Then watch the kids make it shine in today’s video.

Bathroom Cleaning from Alexis Bonin on Vimeo.


Note from Terri: I left out about 30 important details from the video in order to keep it short so you’d watch it.

First: The little ones do NOT clean with the bleach stick. Our rule of thumb is that you have to be in double digits to use the bleach stick AND you must wear kitchen gloves. After the tub and sink are scrubbed,  then they are rinsed with the running faucet and a cup.

Second: We use microfiber cleaning cloths and water to clean the mirror. (I like Norwex brand.)

Third: We use Lysol wipes to wipe the counter top. I let the little ones use the Lysol wipes to wipe off the top of the toilet on their cleaning day. Believe it or not, the little ones LOVE bathroom cleaning day. I know, it will pass.

For all you gasping that we use store bought products, we go through seasons. I know that vinegar cleans everything, but right now I like the clean smell from those store bought products and the convenience of them. When this season passes, maybe we’ll make an updated video.

One last thing: My daughter wearing the arm sling was playing “pretend” all day in it, and she wanted to wear it for the video. I obliged.



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