Q&A Monday!

This week Laundry Mom Terri

tackles the tough question that came in last week

about sex in marriage…

and also shares what her own marriage has been through…

check out the juicy details on the video clip today!





Today’s Question: My husband is ALWAYS in the mood and I’m not. What do I do? 





Check Out Jennifer Flanders Book “Love Your Husband-Love Yourself” –



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4 comments on “Q&A Monday!

  1. Judy says:

    A beautiful woman with sound advice : D

    • Terri Bonin says:

      Thanks, Judy. Q&A video Monday is new to our site. I prefer to hide behind articles rather than get in front with video, but we thought some may prefer this change. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Jennifer Flanders book is the best book on this topic that I have ever read. She did a lot of research and filled the book with her personal experiences. I DO highly recommend it.

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