Pressure Or Peace?

Pressure Or Peace?

Susan Shipe


For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace…1 Corinthians 14.33

How is 2016 going for you so far?

Many of us make lofty pledges; we choose one word’s; we commit to resolutions, at the beginning of a new year and by February first – they’ve gone the way of the lost trail. It is hard to disappoint oneself – I know because I’ve done it at least one thousand times!

Several years ago I became soulfully convicted to…




finish things I had begun. I say soulfully because there was a myriad of projects I had sitting in drawers unfinished. Spiritually, I knew that if God Himself finished the things He begins, then surely He would give me the grace to do the same. (Philippians 1.6)

I pledged to the Lord and to myself that I was going to finish the projects and in the meantime, not begin another new thing. It took me one year but I did it. I finished a quilted wall hanging. I finished reading six books. I finished painting a room. I finished a sewing project. I finished two writing projects. All in the space of one year. It felt awesome to be able to say, “I did it.”

The Lord we serve is a good, good Father and when He hears a sincere cry of our heart – He rushes to our side and gives us the grace we need, regardless what that cry is for. Mine was for diligence – I yearned to be more diligent and more intentional in the things I got myself involved in! That particular year I learned how to say, “No!”

I love the name of this blog, “The Laundry Moms,” I love to do laundry! I know, right? It is the nemesis of so many busy mom’s – but, even way back when I had three kids at home, I found solace and peace in the laundry room. It was and is one area I insist on having order: a folding surface, a sink, a washer and dryer, lots of hangars and a place to hang, and, an iron IF I need one (rarely)!

Please hear my heart in the words I’m about to write. MY HEART, okay?

The scripture at the top of this blog is speaking of a church congregation but I want to apply it to our day-to-day lives. I don’t believe God wants us to be scattered, disorganized, here/there/and everywhere – when we let our lives get that way, He has to be pushy and try to find a Presence in our world. I almost can’t imagine raising children in this over-the-top-busy world of social media, social pressure, and social disorder!

Now, hear me ladies! I want us to be wise stewards of our lives, our time, our husbands, our children, and, our grandchildren. We get one go at this – be ever so careful with priorities and time management – I didn’t have to contend with the pressures you have and I still managed to mess up so many things. Now, I’ve become that Titus two woman who must share my failures and shortcomings in order to encourage young wives, moms, and career women, in choosing the right things. Choosing solid NO’S, and beneficial Yes’es!


We learn from one another; we learn what works and what doesn’t. As we continue to walk through this journey of 2016 let’s be sure to lean on our heavenly Father and to encourage one another. My prayers are with each and every one of you, fantastic laundry mom’s!!!



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Susan Chamberlain Shipe, a writer since the age of eight when she and her neighborhood friend wrote, edited, published, and distributed The Manor News. Things have changed since publishing with the five and dime stamp lettering set! Today, Susan enjoys spending time with her three adult children and spouses, two grandchildren, blogging, writing short devotions and short stories from her home in the Appalachian Mountain Range of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwestern North Carolina, which she shares with her husband of thirty plus years, Lowell, and their beloved dog, Sam.

Susan can be found writing messages of hope, from the heart, for the home any day of the week at http://hopehearthome.com. You can also follow her on Twitter and Pinterest




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