Power Growing Words

You can transform your world when you transform your vocabulary. Whether you realize it or not, the words you say carry a lot of weight. Begin to consider your words carefully before you utter them. Start minimizing your negative comments and maximizing your positive ones.

Once, I felt very ill. Evidently, I was battling some kind of bug that was going around. But I would never say that I was sick. To me, “sick” carried too many negative connotations. When my husband, Blair, would ask how I felt, I would reply with something like…


“I’m feeling a bit challenged,” or maybe, “I’m just a tad uncomfortable.” Finally, he said, “Would you just admit you’re sick?”

It may seem ludicrous to some, but I really do believe that there is power in the words you use to describe your situation. You can feel “angry” or you can feel “a bit put off.” You can feel “happy” or you can feel “overjoyed.” The use of powerful words can actually put you into a more powerful state.

Try it today and see for yourself. Be selective about the words that you choose. Make sure that the toxic words are leaving your vocabulary and that you are replacing them with words that are strong and instrumental in helping you get what you want out of life. Toxic words imply that there is no change possible, but words that carry potential suggest that improvement is possible. I hear a lot of “mommy talk” in my circles, and unfortunately, a lot of it is toxic. Begin taking measures today to replace those phrases with something more positive. You will find that these small changes make a HUGE difference.

Here are some replacements to get you started:

replace “sick and tired” with “reached a decision.”
replace “completely overwhelmed” with “somewhat challenged.”
replace “I’m disappointed in you” with “I’m surprised at your behavior.”
replace “getting on my nerves” with “helping me stretch.”
replace “I can’t take it anymore” with “I’m growing.”
replace “you know better” with “let me teach you.”
replace “I’m so depressed” with “I need some motivation.”
replace “I have failed” with “I have learned.”

These are just some to get you started. What power words and phrases can you come up with?



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