Parlez-Vous a Foreign Language?

Since the only thing I can say in another language is, “Gesundheit,” I figured I needed help teaching my kids a foreign language. Enter Rosetta Stone. Last spring, when I was picking and choosing homeschooling curriculum, the question kept popping up: What am I going to do for foreign language? The extent of foreign language education that my younger kids had up to that point was…well, to be honest, nothing. Not even a movie with subtitles!

As all of you know, I’m a big penny pincher. I can rub two nickels together and make a quarter! So, every time I saw the prices for…


Rosetta Stone, I shied away. However, this year I took the plunge. My kids have been learning Spanish for two months now and it has been so incredibly easy that I’m almost embarrassed. I don’t do a stinkin’ thing except stay in the kitchen while they are listening, speaking, and identifying foreign words and phrases. I’ve even caught myself picking up a little Spanish here and there!

The kit is so cool. It comes with the discs that you install on your computer and a groovy microphone/headphone set that makes you look you are an X-wing pilot with the rebel alliance. They learn by listening to the language, identifying the phrases, and then actually pronouncing them correctly into the microphone. It’s just about as close to immersion as you can get without dropping your kid off in Tijuana. I love it! If you are on the fence regarding Rosetta Stone, my suggestion is to bite the bullet and buy it. You won’t find an easier foreign language program anywhere! And the best thing of all is that it is actually teaching your children to CONVERSE, not just know the grammar of the language like many school foreign language programs do. This gives them one more awesome way that God can broaden their borders and use them in miraculous ways to touch other lives in other languages. It’s a winner!



LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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