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Do you have a bucket list? A list of MUST DO things before you kick the old bucket?…I have one of those…which has evolved from quotes like:

  • And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.  ~Abraham Lincoln
  • “Every man dies – Not every man really lives.”~Braveheart
  • Carpe diem~or as we all know: “Seize the Day!”

Sometimes I can come up with some crazy things that I want to do.  I’ve always wanted to go skydiving and I did and I loved it!…The really scary part was when I got to the ground and found out that one of the guys that had gone with us had to cut away the first parachute, because it didn’t open, and he had to use the reserve! Not only did he NOT land on target with the group but he also ended up clear across the freeway! YIKES!

When I come up with these things my kids just kinda look at me like I’ve gone a bit crazy. So…last week I decided to paint a table that I’ve had for years, and since I’m not really crafty or artistic, I got one of those “Mom you are Nuts” kind of looks from my kids. That’s it! I decided I am gonna do this thing! I just needed to figure out how! So I headed over to two of my best friend’s….. Google and Pinterest to get some inspiration!

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And off to the hardware store I went!…After stocking up on everything I thought I needed and was on my way to paint, I then noticed another item that I had forgotten to put on my list. So back to the hardware store again. I am now on a first name basis with Fred, the guy at the counter. After my frequent trips back and forth several times…let’s just say…I NOW have everything I need to tackle this DIY project!

Ok, here we go… I began sanding the table with my electric sander, which I found out is very fun to use and is quiet the upper body work out!  Now that all the prep work required was out of the way it was time to find my inner child and begin painting. I choose two different colors that I thought would go well together, one was an off white color and the other a dark chocolate brown.  After I painted the whole table with these two opposite colors, I began “distressing” the table…I had never “distressed” anything before so this was actually a GREAT DE-STRESS-ER for me and once I got going I really put my heart and soul into it and I felt like Leonardo Da Vinci creating my very own masterpiece.  The next step was the glazing which I had read could be a little tricky, and I was a little…OK… A LOT nervous about the glaze. Good thing I started on the back, because it was not until I got around to the side that I really got the hang of it and figured out how to make it look bee-u-ti-ful. There is a little bit of a technique to putting on the glaze, but over all its not that hard and if I can do it…SO CAN YOU!

So after the paint dried, I put on the finishing touches with new hardware and I had turned an old scratched up piece of furniture (that was headed to the trash dump)…into a beautiful side table to put in my living room!

Hopefully my children will pass down this exquisite work of art for generations to come, or at least pass it around between them and keep it in the family telling about the time their mom had another one of those wild hairs to do something crazy!


Check it out here…


melanie manjackLaundry Mom~Melanie ♥

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