Our Most Precious Gifts

Our Most Precious Gifts

by Terri Bonin


I pull the covers up to his chin; kiss him all over the face and say, “You are my very favorite Caden Truth in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.”

Smiling he finishes, “I’m a gift. God gave me to you.”

“Yes, He did! You are the very best gift a Mommy and a Daddy could ever receive. We dreamed about you. We wanted YOU! We hoped and prayed that God would give us a little boy JUST LIKE YOU and He did! We were so happy when you finally came.”

My little one smiles and nods; it’s the same routine every night. I tell him how special he is and he finishes with any truths I may have left out. This ninth child of ours, as all of our children, has heard repeatedly how fearfully and wonderfully made he is and that he is valued and WANTED.

If there ever comes a time in his life when someone tries to…

…tear him down, devalue his worth as a person, or discourage him to the point of quitting, I believe with all my heart the truths of his worth that have been planted deep inside his soul from infancy will rise to the surface and prevail.

Arm your children every day with encouraging words that will fuel them to continue to grow. Kind, edifying words they can think on when everyone around them has a low standard and a poor work ethic; words that will forge an inner strength, which will surface during the hardest of times.

If our kids KNOW that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by an Almighty Creator, they will be more likely to respect themselves enough to say no when tempted to take a destructive turn which will reap a life of negative consequences and regret.

Do your children KNOW God picked them out as a gift to you and your husband? He could have chosen any other child, but He chose THEM just for your family! Cover your children with loving words of gratefulness to God that YOU were picked to be their mommy and that you are SO HAPPY  you get to raise them!

Check out part of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs!

“Every child has a dream to love and be loved.

Boys become kings, girls become queens, wrapped in Your majesty,

When we love, when we love the least of these

Then they will be brave and free, shout Your name in victory. When we love the least of these.”

King and Queens by Audio Adrenaline…Listen to the whole song on YouTube!


ps…as we prepare to vote at this crucial election in our nation remember to vote the values of the Bible when it comes to family and children!

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