Olé Taco Dip

Olé Taco Dip

~Trim Healthy Mama, Paleo, & Keto Friendly~


Say olé to this sizzling taco dip since it’s one of those go-to snacks anytime! Such a great dip to take to a pool party or festive summer get-together, plus you can pair it with veggies or your favorite low-carb chips!

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  • 2 bricks low-fat cream cheese
  • 3/4 container of sour cream (500g)
  • Taco seasoning (sugar-free or make your own)
  • Sugar-free salsa
  • Monterrey jack cheese
  • ground hamburger or turkey meat (optional)



  1. Blend cream cheese and sour cream together until smooth.
  2. Add 1/2TB taco seasoning mix together into the meat or use without meat (taste and adjust as needed).
  3. Spoon into serving dish + optional: top with a thin layer of salsa and grated cheese.
  4. Serve with your favorite veggies, low-carb chips, or even Joseph’s lavash bread baked into chips. (1/2 flatbread is a serving.)
  5. Enjoy!


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the laundry moms

*adapted and used with permission by Meggan Larson

Note: This is an ‘S’ recipe on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan and is Keto & Paleo Friendly.



We are not affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama nor endorsed by them. As with all resources, you should review them with care. We have done our best to make the recipes and all menu plans THM-compliant in an effort to assist you on your journey.

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