Do you have an oily animal? Do you even know what that means? Haha! An oily animal is an animal that benefits from using oils. There are so many benefits to your pets using oils but you do need to be careful. Not all animals can use just any oils. There needs to be a certain amount of caution but once you know what you’re doing, it can be a phenomenal experience. Let me explain…

The first thing you need to know about essential oils and animals is that not all oils are created equally. You can’t order oils on amazon and use them on your pets. PLEASE do NOT do this!! Oils from amazon or the health food store are completely unregulated and have a bunch of junk in them. You could seriously hurt your fur baby that way. That’s just one of the reasons I trust Young Living over any other brand. Did you know they have a certified board of veterinarians that oversee their animal scents line? How awesome is that?! There is an entire line of pet-safe oils that’s specifically made for your fur babies. Yes please! So that’s number one. Number two is to go slowly. Put a drop in your hand and let your pet smell the oil first. If they run away yelping then maybe that’s not the oil for them.

When it comes to pets slowly is better than quickly. Dilute, dilute, dilute. Use coconut, olive, or V-6 oil to dilute the oils before using them on your pets. And there are several oils that are unsafe for cats because of their systems so do your research before smearing oil all over them. Make sure that your pet has a way out of the room if you’re diffusing. Aka don’t lock your dog in a closet with a running diffuser. This should really be common sense but sometimes common sense isn’t so common!

I personally would stick to the animal scents line just to be safe because those oils were specifically formulated for pets. There are oils for anxiety, injuries, etc. It’s so amazing that Young Living cares so much about pets that they formulated an entire line for them that is overseen by veterinarians!

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