~ Nothing is too BIG for GOD! ~

As I mentioned in my prior post, I had begun to work on my critical nature…  I started to give complements when I felt the urge to criticize.  Boy… I had to give a bunch of complements when I first had this revelation!

I was slowly working on what I needed to do to make things work in our married life, but I couldn’t help noticing what my husband needed to do to help us get on the same page.

God, Lessons, Blessings, Family, Love, Joys, Life Stories, Marriage, Life Lessons, marriage, Marriage TipsI was so excited that my life was changing and I wanted my husband to be a part of what I was experiencing.  I had one problem… he refused to go to church with me!

I pleaded with him to go but I had no luck…

One Sunday morning, I asked again but he refused to go,  I knew I needed to go with or without him…

I was heartbroken that he wouldn’t go with me, but I persisted to go with my one year old son leaving my husband behind.

I was in tears all the way to church.  I kept thinking that there was no way our marriage was going to make it if we didn’t have the Lord in our life.

Upon arriving at church the entire service was exactly what I needed to hear.

The message was, NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR GOD… and what ever problem you were dealing with to hand it over to the Lord!  

I decided that day that I would hand over my husband to the Lord.  This was such a relief to know that I didn’t have to fix anything because… I couldn’t.

I learned that you can’t change other people.  The only thing that I could do is continue to let the Lord work on me.

I just kept trying to be a little sweeter… I wish I could say that everything was fixed over night, but they weren’t.  It took time and commitment for the Lord to continue to shape me and for my husband to see this change.  During this transition and growing process, my husband responded to me being sweet and he decided to go to church with me!  That was a MIRACLE!!

I can now say that my husband loves and serves the Lord, but if I wouldn’t have allowed the Lord to work me I’m not sure that I would be able to say that.

My husband responds much better to the “Sweet Christina” and not the “critical one”.  I have learned that when we don’t see eye to eye that it’s okay…I just give it to the Lord.

If you are are frustrated because you feel that you and your spouse are not equally yoked or if you feel like there is NO HOPE… remember, NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR GOD!

Laundry Mom~Christina♥

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