Noble Character by Noon

In today’s homeschooling lesson, we were busy working on character issues for several hours before we were able to actually get started on the book work.  My 11, 8, and 5 year old girls were busy around the house tidying up, when the bickering started.

She took my comforter!

She keeps being mean to me!

MOOOMMMMMM please tell her to stop LOOKING at me like that!

Or my favorite….


“Mom, will you PLEASE tell her to stop JUDGING me!” 

As we finally managed to get laundry going, strip bed sheets, wash dishes, and pick up the family room, we made it to the school room to start our lessons, two hours behind schedule.  Then the two year old decides it’s her turn to be needy.  She wants a snack, no, she wants a book, no, she wants to PAINT!  All mom has to do is find the paint!


No luck…

We paint ALL the time at our home and I spend 10 precious minutes hunting for a .50cent paint set to appease my two year old while the others waited (and bickered) in the school room.


She’s now happy and I’m on it, ready to start the school day.

We open our lessons and the five year old starts complaining and fidgeting, while poking her fingers in her ears to drown me out.  I’ve about had it and it is only 11:30.

After praying aloud and asking God to intervene, our poetry lesson for the day was very fitting.  I thought I would share with you, how God can teach our children even when we feel ill equipped.  I think we may memorize this one!


(excerpt from The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett p. 207)

If you were busy being kind

Before you knew it, you would find

You’d soon forget to think ‘twas true

That someone was unkind to you.


If you were busy being glad,

And cheering people who were sad,

Although your heart might ache a bit,

You’d soon forget to notice it.


If you were busy being good,

And doing just the best you could,

You’d not have time to blame some man

Who’s doing just the best he can.


If you were busy being right,

You’d find yourself too busy quite

To criticize your neighbor long

Because he’s busy being wrong.


~Author Unknown


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