New Year’s Resolutions



Well here we are again, at the beginning of another year with a long list of ways to improve ourselves over the next 12 months. The hopeful list of a trim waist, a fat bank account, a clean house and better relationships hangs taped to the mirror to butler the reminder of these goals each morning and evening.


However, if history repeats itself, the friendly nodding list will soon turn into a mocking account of failures laughing in our faces yet again…another year.


It’s the nature of the tradition.


We set ourselves up to fail. Goals drawn high… and Hopes flung low… within weeks.


Depressing, isn’t it?


Have you ever stopped to ponder WHY? Why do we want to change? WHY CAN’T we change? Why do we trip over our goals skinning our pride every single year?


Well, I have and I know the answer…


Inside of each of us lies a desire for something more; something better. Maybe if I just lose weight, have a bigger bank account, a cleaner house or better family relationships my aching emptiness will be filled, the masses wonder.


It’s not true. Peace is not found at the end of completed goals. Peace and the ability to truly change is found in a person, not a goal. This Person came a few thousand years ago and still lives today waiting for us to ask Him for help. He alone can change us from the inside out. He knows our nature. He knows our pain.


I encourage you to talk to anyone one who has accomplished every single New Year’s Resolution and ask that person if the accomplishments ushered in complete peace and contentment. If they are honest, the answer will be that emptiness still rests in the pit of the gut.


Before you make your list of resolutions tonight, sit down. Have a talk with your Creator. Ask Him for help. Ask Him to change you from the inside out. Be prepared for new freedom as He sets you free from the chains that have kept you from keeping all your former resolutions. Then I would LOVE  to know: What will your list look like this year?


Just in case you’re interested. Below is a list of last year’s top 10 resolutions.

The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 were


1) Lose weight

2) Spend Less, save more

3) Enjoy Life to the Fullest

4) Stay Fit and Healthy

5) Learn Something Exciting

6) Quit Smoking

7) Help Others in Their Dreams

8) Fall in Love

9) Spend More Time with Family


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