Need Some Energy?

We’re pumping the energy bars and energy drinks and even wearing good arches on occasion. So, why in the world do we walk around with bags under our eyes that are so dark that we look as if we are wearing eye black like baseball players?


Well did you know…


Energy equals good food Put back the protein bars, ladies. Real energy does not come from a pre-packaged yogurt-covered bar. According to the food and medical industry, energy comes from sugar (since all food has to be converted to some type of sugar to be used as energy by your body). Therefore, when a food is marketed as “energy” it usually just means that it contains sugar in some form.

This is not where you want your energy to come from.

If you are looking for that extra “get up and go,” then rely on food that still contains energy — living food.

If you increase your intake of living food (fruits, vegetables, and grains that have not been cooked), you make it easier on your body to use that food for your overall health and energy level. If a large part of your diet is coming from processed foods, your body is putting a lot of energy toward trying to metabolize that food. This can leave you feeling lethargic.

Boost your energy levels by eating as much raw food as possible. The rest of your food should come from whole sources that are processed as little as possible. Excess fat, sugar, chemicals, and additives just wear your body out. Let your body feast on real food, and watch your energy level soar.

Energy equals good sleep I often don’t get as much sleep as I should, but I do know the importance of it, so I try to grab as many winks as I can. One day, there won’t be a minimum of two little babies in my bed (not counting my husband) or the occasional bed-wetter (again, not counting my husband). One day I won’t have five loads of laundry to fold before I can crash or a baby who decides to wake up before the sun does. I’ve heard you can’t catch up on sleep, but one day, I sure am going to try!

Sleep is vital to the overall function of our bodies. Sleep deprivation can cause everything from headaches and ulcers to depression and anxiety. Our bodies need a chance to repair and recharge, not just physically but mentally and emotionally, as well. If we don’t give our brains a chance to process information, then we can go into overload and carry it into the next day. And your body will never have that abundant energy if you are relying on caffeine to give it a jumpstart. You should wake up feeling refreshed and recharged (if not, you may need to work on your bedtime).

On the surprising side, too much sleep can also leave you feeling drained. Excess sleep only eats up precious time and keeps your metabolic rate running lower than average. If you get too much, your body believes it needs to remain in a lethargic state. Sleep is like food — enough is perfect.

Energy equals good living!

The one thing that can absolutely zap every bit of energy out of an otherwise healthy body is outlook. Are you living in a way that is in line with your personal beliefs? Do your daily decisions leave you feeling affirmed and confident? Do you wake up with a positive feeling about all that you can make happen? Are you positive and hopeful and excited? Believe it or not, this outlook is not just a chance occurring. It is conscious effort and voluntary action. Visualize the good things in life. Focus on your blessings. Pause for a moment and counts all of the things you are thankful for.

Life really is good.

Believe it, and your energy level will perk up and take notice!



LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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