Need Brain Power?

Need Brain Power?

by Terri Bonin


Have you seen my keys? Will you call me? I can’t find my phone. What is that guy’s name on that show??? Pass me the whatchamacallit so I can fix this thingy.

So where DOES our brain hide this information that was once at the forefront?

Stress eats it.

Caffeine deletes it.

Children Erase it.

This calls for…

…a change in maintaining good brain health. Unless you enjoy asking these types of questions all day, of course. If not, Young Living has plenty of oils that support brain function, like Brain Power & Clarity! But there is also a supplement called MindWise™ which is a supplement that PACKS A PUNCH when it comes to feeding the brain what it needs for cognitive function. (That’s just a big term for maintaining a sharp memory.) Try adding 1 tablespoon of this to your morning regimen if you are a coffee drinker. Your brain will thank you and you will stay focused, clear, and sharp! And I bet you’ll even remember where you put your phone and keys.

What’s inside this super brain serum? Here are just a few of the power-punching ingredients:
Water, Pomegranate, Acai Puree, Proprietary MindWise Oil Blend: Sacha inchi nut oil, Fractionated coconut oil, Peppermint leaf oil, Fennel seed oil, Anise seed oil, Lemon peel oil, Lime peel oil, Proprietary MindWise Memory Blend: Pomegranate Extract, Rhododendron Extract, CoQ10, Turmeric, Vitamin D3 and more…




ps…Do you wonder if you can use essential oils with your family?

They’ve been an absolute game-changer for our family, providing emotional support, as well as health and wellness support! If you’d like to learn more about essential oils and supplements or would like to jump into a Zoom class about emotions and oils be sure and email our sister site here:


***And for a sample of oils, we will be happy to send you in the snail mail or for more education or to start your monthly wellness box from Young Living just click here!

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