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a scientific instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure. Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather.

 No, this isn’t a post about the weather we are having (which for the record, has been the most amazing long summer I have ever seen!)

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Last week I shared how important it is for us as moms to tune in and listen to the little people in our lives. And I mentioned I’d add more this week about how I’ve learned to communicate with our kids so that they understand their value and feel loved.  But I was reminded this week that there’s more to add about listening.

Listening well is a skill I have yet to perfect. I’m far from it. And when I’m not tuned-in, or have let the frenzy of a stressful situation get the best of me, I have a little reminder- underfoot. Our home has been gifted with the most accurate and adorable barometer ever.  And his words aren’t hard to miss.

His name is Ethan and he just turned 5.

For the past several months now, he has started saying “I love you Mom”a little more often.  And at the most seemingly random times.

At first, these little expressions of endearment made me chuckle and respond with a quick, “I love you too, little man.” It took repetition for me to really take notice to what was  going on.

 Now, his words make me stop and listen.  And pay attention.

I’ve come to realize, it’s his internal barometer at work. He’s sensitive to the atmospheric “pressure” in our home, and when the tension gets a little high, he likes to step in.  And remind us of his love for us. (Cute or what?)

I’m forced to ask myself some questions… am I sounding stressed out, again?  What is he picking up on exactly?  Am I being fair in how I’m responding to whatever conflict is going on around me? And why am I responding the way I am?  Do I really trust God is in control?

His innocent, loving words remind me to breathe, to settle down, and to rest in the moment. No conflict is too big to become angry about and upset the peaceful atmosphere in our home.

The pressures we put on ourselves, and on others at times can certainly raise the stress level in our life and home-unnecessarily.  We need to be listening in constantly-to ourselves, to our spouses and to our kids to stay in check.

And in it all, we get to tune in to the voice of our loving Father- who says, “I love you” through the conflict, the mess & the struggles.

Tuning in to the “barometers” around us is one more nuance of listening well that helps create a safe home for our families.

What helps you to slow down, listen & tune in to the atmosphere of your home?


Laundry Mom~Kali ♥


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