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This month, The Laundry Moms are offering the 7 Days to Financial Freedom Gift.  We give you 7 days to help set you on a path to dismantling destructive debt cycles, helping you have healthy habits for spending and setting solid saving goals.

Each one of us have a different debt freedom testimonial and it’s our prayer that we can help encourage and strengthen you to change your family tree and break the cycle of what Dave Ramsey calls, “Perma-Debt”.

As a mom, we have a very powerful role in the family finances. Generally, it is we who make the call on whether or not to order pizza delivery for dinner, or thaw out some chicken in the morning. We make decisions every day on family purchases, from fast food to dry cleaning, pricey ballet lessons, or YMCA soccer.

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Many moms have asked me over the years how we have been able to raise eight kids on one income.  When I was a young bride, I worked as a secretary while my husband finished school. Three months into our marriage, we found out we were pregnant.  Someone gave me the book by the late Larry Burkett called, Women Leaving the Workplace.

This book will help moms who want to leave the workplace and stay home to raise her kids. It was invaluable to me because it gave a clear picture of the real cost of work. The results were SHOCKING!

Sometime it is difficult for me to feel like a producer to the family income, and not just a consumer. After all, I’m the one who shops for the kids and buys the food.

However, when I began to pay close attention to our spending habits, I KNEW that I can really help make a dent in our debt snowball by simply not spending.  I may not be earning an income, but my savings counts more than a paycheck when you figure they don’t take FICA from your grocery savings.

Looking at our debt problem, I wanted to help more and I needed to do it from home.  When I saw other women who were saving THOUSANDS of dollars a year on their grocery bill, I jumped in with both feet to the world of coupons.

In my book, The Classical Couponer, I explain step by step how mom can hire herself and work her own part-time job making $10-$15 an hour working about 15-20 hours per week. That’s money you can use to pay off your debt and build an emergency fund.  This is our free gift to you as a bonus when you sign in for the 7 Days to Financial Freedom!

Where ever you are in your financial journey, we hope to be an encouragement to you.  Visit our Facebook  page and let us hear from you and how your journey’s going!


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