Mom – Are You Friendly to Your Family?

Mom – Are You Friendly to Your Family?

By Rhonda Stoppe 


Some of the best marriages are enjoyed by couples who make the time and effort to playfully delight in one another. Right now, can you think of a couple whose joy is contagious? Don’t you just love to spend time with them? Don’t you long to be them? What can you do to become more like the couple you desire to emulate?

First off…


…think back to a time when it was downright fun to spend time with your man. How did you enjoy one another back when you were dating? You didn’t fold your arms, tap your foot, and say, “Ok, I’m here. Now make me happy.” No—more than likely, you planned to have a good time simply because you were happy to be together with your love.*

What about after the kids came along? Did you somehow take of your fun-loving girlfriend-hat to wear the more serious, “There’s just too much to do to enjoy life” mom-hat?

I have heard experts say the 30’s are the “unfriendly years” for wives and moms. I can attest to that.  As a young mom, amidst the mountains of laundry, spilled milk, and sleepless nights I often had to make myself be friendly to my husband and kids. Can I get a witness?

If you have found yourself doing life with little joy overshadowed by a seriousness and sense of duty, maybe it’s time to step back and determine to ENJOY your life.  How you ask?

Philippians 4 offers a great formula to anyone who wants to learn how to joyfully respond to life’s circumstances and to the people we love. 

FIRST – CHOOSE TO REJOICE.  In Philippians 4:4 the Apostle Paul addresses the conflict between two women in the Philippian church by instructing those involved or affected by the conflict to REJOICE. This means to CHOOSE JOY amidst the ups and downs of life -and in messy relationships.

SECOND – BE REASONABLE  Philippians 4:5 reminds us to be reasonable. We all know how unreasonable we can be about every 28 days, am I right? Sometimes, TO BE REASONABLE is a choice you must make amidst chaotic times.

 NEXT – THINK WHAT IS RIGHT.  In Philippians 4:8 Paul gives Christ’s followers the formula to enjoy those we love. When you CHOOSE TO THINK on whatever is good, right, honorable, and of good report.

FINALLY – YOU WILL HAVE PEACE. Philippians 4:9 promises that if you DO THE THINGS PAUL INSTRUCTS you will enjoy peace – in your heart, mind, and relationships.  And when you enjoy peace…you will be free to ENJOY LIFE––and your family. 

With all the distractions life throws at you each day, you have to decide daily to enjoy your spouse, and your children.. And, when you determine each day to celebrate the time you spend with your husband and kids, you have taken an important step toward making your marriage and family life delightful. And if your husband and children find you to be friendly, I promise you won’t regret it––I know I didn’t. 

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2 comments on “Mom – Are You Friendly to Your Family?

  1. Michelle says:

    I was just thinking of this last week. I found myself being so serious all the time and just asking how to enjoy again. I get caught up in the to-dos and forget to laugh and smile. Then I wonder why everyone is so crabby… So thank you for these reminders and wonderful scripture to turn to.

  2. Michelle,
    I completely relate to your comment. I remember when my kids were little, I would get so caught up in the list of what I needed (or thought I needed) to accomplish by the end of the day that I would forget to ENJOY my children and my husband.

    I pray the Lord uses the “Formula” in Philippians 4 that I shared in this article to help you LOL with your family!

    Rhonda Stoppe

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