Modern Day Swap Meet



“Modern Day Swap Meet”

by Erin Lichnovsky



“Now all the believers were one in heart and soul, and nobody called any of his possessions his own. Instead, they shared everything they owned.”  Acts 4:32

How many families do you know who never have to fund their clothing category? What about household items? Or perhaps even Christmas? Well, I can honestly tell you that in the last nine years, raising eight kids, our clothing envelope has not needed funding, save maybe the occasional pair of shoes every other year.


How you ask?  Well, there is little known secret found in the pages of scripture about how the church of God is supposed to live. Understandably, our culture and day and age make it next to impossible to implement this idea comprehensively, unless we pack up and move to Amish country. However, at my church once every three months we experience something remarkable.

We share All Things In Common day


The day runs smoothly and efficiently. Families bring to church items they no longer need like outgrown clothing, shoes, kitchen items, furniture, lamps, toys, books, home decor, etc. The families are encouraged to not bring junky items, but things that another family could really make good use of.

They bring what they no longer need, and they can take whatever items home with them. There is NO LIMIT.  It’s all shared IN COMMON!  .

It is kind of like a modern day swap meet and it truly is REMARKABLE!

This concept, birthed from Acts 4:32, has helped my family and many others to pay off debt by providing extra money in the monthly budget. It also has provided birthday and Christmas gifts as well as home furnishings, music, and books. One of the biggest benefits from All Things In Common day is that our children learn how Christian communities are supposed to live.

Together, united, sharing all things.

We keep things simple and the guidelines clear. Our number one rule is: No shopping before the worship service!  Other than that, we make sure there are plenty of extra boxes or garbage sacks for overflow, along with a couple of pickup trucks to haul off the leftovers to the local Goodwill.

It is a wonderful event. The kids pick and choose new toys, shoes, and the next season’s clothing. Several of our families have told me that they never have to buy clothes because of ATIC: we just recycle every three months. If you would like to start your own All Things in Common day at your church, I would love to help you begin. Comment below with your questions or visit us on our Facebook page.




laundry mom Erin Busy might be an understatement for Erin Lichnovsky, a mother of 8. Married for 20 years to her best friend and love of her life, Joey. Erin decided early that she felt God’s calling to home educate her children with her husband. Even with having graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in communications, she stays busy at home teaching, cooking and doing laundry. She also fills her time working as the Program Developer for Parent and Child Education Services (www.pceinfo.org), planning development staff training and major events which include festive family Sock Hops and formal Cotillion ballroom dances. Erin also co-writes for www.CallMOM.co and hosts women’s retreats called “23 Hours”.

Squeezing a nickel ‘til the buffalo growl, pinching pennies, and developing specific winning strategies has kept Erin at home with her six incredible daughters and two amazing sons. That passion for family and frugal living inspired her to write a book to help moms learn to hire themselves and save money on the largest part of their budget… the GROCERY bill! Her book, The Classic Couponer, What Hath Aristotle to do With the Kroger© Mega Sale? Is NOW available on Amazon or in “Our Favs” here @ TheLaundryMoms.com!



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