Miracle Stain Remover

I have another stain solution that I am bursting to share! Being an incurably, simple girl, I like this one because it consists of TWO INGREDIENTS!! Yet, it will dissolve hundreds of accidental stains out of clothes.

The other day the kids and I painted a world map in school, made homemade granola with gooey liquids like honey and molasses… We melted dark chocolate in hot tea and played Beauty Shop with make-up during our break…then if that wasn’t enough we cleaned the garage before Daddy got home as a surprise. The proof of our activities lay splattered, smudged and wiped into the sleeves and on the front of one of my favorite white, long sleeve t-shirts. Why on earth I didn’t wear an apron or change clothes is beyond me, but I didn’t…

Liquid dawn, stain removal, hydrogen peroxide

My mistake gave me an opportunity to try another homemade stain remover. It worked like magic, so I tested it on carpet and other fabrics. And let me tell you that this combination of ingredients has moved to the front of my list as MY VERY FAVORITE STAIN REMOVER!!

This one will get OLD, yellowed, shadowy stains out of your fabric and carpet without being too harsh. It lifts molasses, honey, chocolate, blood and dirt right out of the weaves of cotton. And you probably have these ingredients in your cabinets waiting to be combined. Two common ingredients married to make one POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE DIRT LIFTER.

Mix one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts blue dawn thoroughly. Apply to stain and rinse.




The stain should be gone. Each fabric and dye combination is slightly different, so I recommend that you test a little part of the colored fabric just to make sure your color won’t fade.

Here’s to spot free living!

Have a blessed day!

Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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