Mighty Mom

“I CAN’T DO IT ALL!! There is TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE! I’m not organized enough, educated enough, patient enough, together enough!”


Can you relate?


I have been in the mothering trenches for over two decades. Nursing or pregnant for 21 years straight, birthing and parenting these ten children, and I still wonder when I’m going to get it together. As I have pondered God’s choice in choosing me for such a GARGANTUOUS job, He spoke to me through something I read this week.

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I read the account of Gideon in the Book of Judges aloud to the kids…And it’s just what I needed.


In this story, God CHOSE the unlikely for a MASSIVE job.


When the Angel of the Lord addressed Gideon he said, “The Lord is with you, Mighty Man of Valor!” (Judges 6:12) Gideon responded in essence…Wait! You are mistaken. I’m the smallest son in my father’s house and my father’s tribe is the least in Israel. You’ve got the wrong Gideon. (Judges 6:15)


But God knew what he was doing. (Imagine that!)


Gideon saw himself with physical eyes, but God saw his heart…and the man he was growing into.


When God looked on Gideon, it was not a weak man that He saw, but rather an obedient man, which constituted Gideon being referred to as Mighty Man of Valor.


God wanted a man that would hear His voice and listen to His instruction. Not a man that could rely on his own strength.


When God instructed Gideon to gather an army to destroy the Midianites, too many men gathered to fight and God said, “That’s too many. We must trim it down lest Israel becomes boastful!” (Judges 7:2)


So Gideon trimmed the army down to a few hundred.


And then God did something REALLY FRUSTRATING, like it wasn’t crazy enough for 300 men to go up against THOUSANDS in a battle, GOD skipped the fine weaponry and gave the small army strange tools… Each man was given a pitcher, a torch and a trumpet. Really?


But Gideon’s valiant heart did not argue, or give God suggestions, or question God’s wisdom.


Gideon simply obeyed.


I get it.


Victory in my family will only come from listening to and obeying God’s instructions.


God’s got me right where He wants me…Way outnumbered and in possession of strange tools to do the job…a corny sense a humor, a laid back manner, and a clumsy handle on things.


I’m in a position to COMPLETELY rely on Him.


God knew I needed the story of Gideon this week. He chose me BECAUSE I’m weak.


I KNOW I need Him.


He handed me the strange tools that HE wants to use to win the battle, because He’s writing the story.


The story of Gideon has SO MUCH MEAT for the MIND. I encourage you to read it and marvel at how God works. And when you feel overwhelmed, ill equipped and wrong for this parenting job…Remember, Mighty Mother of ValorGod chose YOU for your children.


Listen to His voice and you will win the battles.


Read this account of Gideon in Judges 6-7


Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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