Marriage Lovin’

Have you ever been caught in the act?  Ever accidentally left the door unlocked?  Which of you is the one most likely to get caught up in the moment and not realize the feverish child tapping on the bed needing some attention?

You or your spouse?

I just had a conversation tonight with a close friend about this very thing.  We laughed, and blushed, and like school girls we talked about how much FUN …you know what….IS!!  If you were an outsider listening into our conversation, you may not realize that between the two of us, we have 30 plus years of marriage experience and we still blush and giggle about sex!  (Yes, I said it!)

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With my firstborn daughter’s marriage just months away, several of my close friends are NOT SHY about how excited they are to host a lingerie shower.  In fact, there is actually some competition for who is going to host the event!!

And the best part…

These friends are all Committed Conservative and Christian Mommies.  They are not shy about how important smoking hot love is to them, and to their marriages. Having these type of friends is a blessing to me because when you get married you are SUPPOSED to make love.  It’s not something us “churchy types” often talk about.

We were able to coach my daughter on relishing the early years of marriage and not being shy about walking naked around the house, cooking dinner in a sexy negligee, and having passionate FUN sex frequently.  As mature woman married now with many kids, we realized how much things change when Jr. and Sissy are in the home, or nursing in the bed.  We realized that it is such a short time before those newlywed freedoms are redefined.  Not lost, just tweaked.  In order to enjoy the act of marriage all throughout your years, you learn to be creative, and intentional about love making.

The act of marriage is supposed to be FUN, and FREQUENT!  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

And don’t forget to lock your doors!!!


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