Makeup, Skincare and Style Shortcuts For Super Moms!

Makeup, Skincare and Style Shortcuts For Super Moms!

by Amy Williams


Being a mom means that you’re busy all the time getting loads done, but it shouldn’t cause you to have to feel drab! Of course you don’t have time to spend primping in front of the mirror but you don’t need to do a lot to feel and look fabulous.

Here are some super tips for all the supermoms…



Book a Haircut!

Every six to eight weeks you should get your hair cut. It’s a quick hair appointment that will make your hair look great and the right cut prevents you from styling it every day. Ask your hairdresser about a flattering cut that will be easy to maintain without using lots of tools or products.

One of the easiest hair lengths to maintain is the mid-length cut, falling between your chin and shoulders. Not too short or too long, this cut is easy to keep under control and can still be trendy, such as with the use of layers. And, on days when you really don’t even have five minutes to spare, you can still scoop it up into a ponytail with a pretty hair tie.

The Three Makeup Must-Haves

If the thought of wading through beauty products and putting on your face every morning fills you with dread, fear not: there are only three main beauty items you need to use.

  • A few coats of mascara are a must to open up your eyes and it’s so much faster to apply than eye liner. Choose one that’s waterproof so it won’t let you down during carpool or grocery shopping.
  • Choose lip gloss instead of lipstick. It’s easier to keep it looking fresh because a quick dab is all you need. A flattering color is one that isn’t too dark or light (this can wash out your face). Great ones include rose or coral. However, be sure you exfoliate your skin and lips at least once a week so that your skin looks fresh and your lips don’t flake underneath gloss!
  • Concealer in one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you are tired and haven’t had much sleep, concealer is your instant pick-me-up. It covers up any blemishes or marks, as well as hides dark under-eye circles. You should always prepare your skin with eye cream so that you keep the area moist before applying the concealer. This will prevent dryness from ruining your look.


Ace Your Style with Accessories

Although you might think that choosing accessories takes lots of time that you don’t have, the truth is that they can save you time. Accessories allow you to wear your most comfortable and trusty outfits because they will make them stylish in a flash! Since you’re not going to be wearing a lot of makeup, colorful accessories are also great to punch up your look.

Little changes to how you wear jewelry make a great difference to your outfit. For instance, a long statement necklace can make a simple tee and jeans more fashionable, while mixing gold and silver rings together is trendy. The key is to choose one statement jewelry piece that will make you feel good throughout your day. Add colourful jewelry, such as gemstone bracelets, to neutral outfits and go one step further by matching the stones to your makeup, accessories or features (such as eye color). This synchronises your style beautifully.

Accessorizing isn’t just about updating your outfit but also highlighting your best features. If you have a shapely waist, wear a belt to accentuate it. If you have beautiful feet, a pretty pair of colorful open-toed sandals are a great idea (as long as they’re comfortable!). If you want to show off toned arms, wear bangles. Think of what area of your face and body you love the most and then choose accessories accordingly to make the most stylish impact.
It’s easy to uplift your outfit and mood with makeup, accessories and beautiful hair. Follow the above tips to update your practical mom gear so that you’ll be a super-stylish supermom.


Author_Amy_1Amy Williams is a journalist based in Southern California. As a mother of two, she hopes to use her experience as a parent to help other parents raise their children to be the best that they can be. Follow Amy on twitter: @AmyKWilliams1 









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