Make Sure Your Heart is in It

Make Sure Your Heart is in It

By Meggan Larson

Life is so short, isn’t it? I write this while thinking about September 11th last week and how many people unexpectedly and tragically lost their lives. Life is short or it can be anyway. Even when we live to be over 100 years old life is still so short! Is it really worth spending it eating dry tasteless veggies? I’ve seen far too many people struggling while they choke down dry salads and act as if they like it (girl, we know it’s nasty ~ who do you think you’re fooling??).

I think it’s important that no matter what you do in life…

…that you make sure your heart is in it!

I know you’re not going to enjoy every single second of your life and that’s ok but I think it’s important to live your life fully. I’m not suggesting you eat and be merry and eat cake for every meal. What I am suggesting though is that you find yourself a health plan you enjoy. You’ve got to want to stick to it when the days are tough. When you’re choking down your food at every meal you’ll eventually get to a place where you think it’s not even worth it. When that happens you can go right off the rails.

Life is too short for dry salads and tasteless food. We were meant to live life to the fullest while we’re here on earth so whatever you do, make sure your heart’s in it, friend.

If you need help finding yourself, help to figure out why you are struggling with weight, or anything else really, then I strongly urge you to check out this webinar coming up. It could be the difference between you staying in your comfort zone for the rest of your life or taking a giant leap of faith.

~ Meggan 🙂

p.s. As always I’d love to hear from you so if you have any questions or comments please comment below or email me at Meggan@thelaundrymoms.com


Meggan Larson is a wife, mom of three, and challenge overcomer! Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy when her second born child was only three months old, gave Meggan an expected twist to her life. Dealing with pregnancy weight gain and the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, Meggan’s weight soared to over 228 pounds. Feeling humiliated with no desire to socialize, Meggan was desperate for a change. Shortly after losing 20 pounds with the Trim Healthy Mama program, Meggan found out she was pregnant with baby number three, which ended in an emergency C-section and unexpected hysterectomy. Despite the challenges she faced, Meggan has just celebrated her one year “trimiversary”, and her success of releasing just over 60 pounds! Meggan is confident that her success on plan is “doable” for anyone looking to gain back their health and wanting to live a trim and healthy lifestyle!

Check out Meggan Larson over at Desire to Inspire!

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