Lost and Found…or NOT

I spend an unusual amount of time looking for lost things. My husband is sure it’s a sickness. I’m in a constant state of finding and losing my belongings. It’s a bit frustrating to my family members and quite entertaining to others, I’m sure. Last night my phone walked off and after searching an hour for it, I relented and went to bed.

At 2am my eyes popped open for some unknown reason and I was struck with the great idea of calling my phone while the house was pitch black, so that I could see it light up. Carefully I eased my way off the bed as not to wake my dreaming husband. I managed to tip toe quietly around to his side with no problem–that is until my foot got tangled in a stack of decorative pillows, and I fell into his nightstand knocking not only his cell phone off, but a few other accessories, too, causing quite a ruckus.

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“Are you OK? Why are you up?” moaned my sleeping husband.

“I’m fine…just going to the bathroom” … and looking for my cell phone. What I was thinking was… “Poor man. I must weary him terribly.”

With his phone in hand, I regained my balance, pressed My Beautiful Princess listed in his favorites, and reinstated my cell phone finding mission down the dark hall.

*Boom*… “What are you doing?” My seventeen-year-old daughter groaned.

“What are YOU doing?”  I returned.

“Going to the bathroom.”

Doesn’t anyone ever sleep around here?

 After waking half the household in my “quiet” attempt to see my cell phone light up, I relented again and went to bed with no reward.

The next morning as I poured my three-year-old’s bowl of cereal, my barking dog announced the arrival of my Angel laundry lady. “Good morning everyone!! Last night at 1am, I sat up and remembered where the little grey plastic charger holder for your whip cream maker is!!” She beamed. I had no idea what you were talking about in your text message yesterday, but for some reason at 1am, I remembered where I saw it. Here it is!!!” She pulled a no longer lost item out of the corner of a kitchen drawer and held over her head like a trophy.  She is all too familiar with this problem of mine.

“Yeah!!” I smiled. “Now could you ask your subconscious where my cell phone is?” as I unleashed my unsuccessful middle of the night mission on our wonderful laundry lady.

Shaking her head she walked to the laundry room, no doubt praying that my things would learn to “stay put” so that we could ALL sleep better. Thankfully she doesn’t have to worry about me losing the laundry detergent!


Laundry Mom~Terri♥



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