Life is Short…

I’m doing some deep soul searching these days.  I’ve heard that ‘life is short’ and I’ve experienced the fleeting years of raising a child into adulthood. I’m seeing first hand that it’s true.  However, the number of funerals I have attended over the last few years is the stirring factor in my core right now. The number is digging its heals into my conscience and telling me that one day others will attend mine. We humans are mortal. There’s no getting around it. Our lives on this side are limited. And how we live is important.

So what does this mean for me… and for you?

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I say to the Creator, “Take my life,” but what does that look like? …Great acts of charity, deep moments of prayer, mission trips to third world countries?

My days are filled with little people which involves stacks of dishes…piles of laundry…dirty diapers…math drills… grammar rules… piano practice … You get the picture.

Great acts of charity? He’s easy to please! Each dirty diaper I sweetly change with a grateful heart for the little bottom that dirtied it… is important to God.

Deep Moments of Prayer? You better believe it!! Every time I answer softly when a YELL is choking me…My spirit is having a DEEP MOMENT OF PRAYER for HELP!

God holds my hand and LOVES that I call on Him.

Mission trips to third world countries? Poor, dirty children who rely on me to feed and clothe them daily live under my very roof!… God gave them to me.

A mom who is willing to work behind the scenes at home doing mundane tasks that NO ONE (but He) sees is BEAUTIFUL to Him.

Beautiful. Obedient. Radiant. Blessed.

No need to complicate my life with extra jobs God never called me to do. He is pleased when I am satisfied to serve my family WELL…To love them MUCH… To smother them with kisses and homemade food… My King is easy to please…

Life IS short. So I choose to serve Him faithfully in the minutes of my days with my own acts of charity: dishing up nutritious food to hungry children; moments of deep prayer: begging God to give me patience and understanding; and mission trips: to the laundry room in search of clean clothes for a naked child.


In all this… my soul finds rest… knowing my King is pleased.


Matthew 25:40, “And the King will reply, ‘ And I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.’”



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