Letters to Darcy

Tracy is one of the bravest women I know. The Ramos family lives down the street from us. They are fellow homeschoolers and also attend our church. Five years ago, God called Tracy and Jason to walk a journey that would reach hundreds of thousands of parents.

This week is a very special 5 year anniversary. I was blessed to be in the delivery room when Darcy was born and I will never forget that day. In the early months of her pregnancy, the doctor told Tracy that her baby was not…




“compatible with life”…


Those words were the catalyst that changed this family, and our church community forever. In spite of the doctor’s report, they chose to trust God in heaven, the Giver of all life, and to put Darcy into His loving hands. Though her life was short, her legacy continues to touch families around the globe.

Letters to Darcy originated as a blog. The blog was comprised of a series of diary entries that Tracy wrote to her unborn daughter, Darcy, over the course of approximately nine months. Early in her pregnancy, Tracy learned Darcy had a rare, terminal genetic condition known as Trisomy 18. Of people diagnosed with this disorder, about 95% die in utero, and for surviving infants who live to term, less than 10% survive their first year of life. Tracy’s response to her unborn daughter Darcy is an incredible testament to the sanctity of human life. You will walk with Tracy and Darcy through each entry and see how lovingly mom Tracy cares for her unborn child. Through her simple, honest, and intensely personal entries, Tracy beautifully and convincingly answers the question: When does life begin?

Share this book with your friends and family.

It is an inspiring testimony of courage and faith!

 “Letters to Darcy” will make you realize just how precious life is, and help you to remember to cherish each moment!



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