Let’s Get Organized!

Don’t let that Mountain of Paperwork Overwhelm You!

The Laundry Moms know what it’s like to have stacks of kids school papers, receipts from the grocery store, and so much more that ends up in a pile staring us in the face!

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This week on Movie Monday we share Christina’s favorite tip

on getting organized & staying organized!

Take heart and know you will feel so much better and avoid a Mommy Melt Down

if you tackle that paperwork before it becomes a mountain!


Also…Don’t forget to check out our list of resources to keep that stack under control!


Laundry Mom AngelaLaundry Mom~Angela ♥

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One comment on “Let’s Get Organized!

  1. Terri Bonin says:

    This is a great idea! A kitchen file has saved the day for my family, too. Since each child has a file I don’t have to chase down important invitations, certificates or ANYTHING. It’s all easy to find. When I sent my oldest off to college, I sent his own “kitchen file system” with him. I’m not naturally organized, but I’ve learned from experience that being organized wards off strife and unneeded stress. Great tip!

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