Lessons from a Mother of the Bride

As Laundry Mom Terri is busy digging through her boxes in search of underwear, frantically praying she’s able to avoid delivering her 11th baby amidst the sea of brown chaos, Laundry Mom Erin is knee-deep in other equally unnerving details.

The Wedding of her First Child

A few things I’m learning on the way to the BIG DAY (just 11 more days!)

Lesson #1 – Never Google, “How to plan a wedding” – Trust me, it’s just not worth the stress.  What the rest of the world says about weddings

and what our family says are….


Well, I guess you would need to know our family.

Lesson #2 – If you HAPPEN to Google it, and then find a calculator that gives you statistics on how to figure out exactly WHICH percentage of your invited guests will attend the wedding (they say it’s only 50% of the invitees will attend) AND you HAPPEN to

  1. Live in the South
  2. Homeschool your kids, thereby knowing mostly homeschooling families, who tend to NOT have the typical family size
  3. Teach your kids to WAIT before marriage
  4. Have a small close knit network of families and friends you do everything with

THEN, you should have listened to Lesson #1 and avoided Google in the first place because you will BLOW their percentages OUT the water.  Let’s face it, Southern, Christian, homeschooling families LOVE….I mean we LOVE WEDDINGS! ♥♥ It is a total and complete CELEBRATION!!!  As proven by the total number of guests who are COMING to this wedding and the miniscule number of declines.

Me to my Maid of Honor daughter Cassidy after tallying up the guest count,

“How many people did we say the church can hold?”


Lesson #3 – It’s perfectly acceptable to buy your daughter cute comfy pajamas for her lingerie shower.  It’s not that you don’t WANT her to have LOTS and LOTS of HAPPY MARRIED SEX, it’s just that…


You don’t want her thinking about MOM when she puts on the sexy nightie from the lingerie shower.  She can think about how practical Mom is on movie night,

in her comfy and cozy PJs.

Lesson #4 – When people ask you, “Do you need any help?”

Hear Me Mommas…This one might be hard to swallow.


Don’t just tell them meekly, “please just pray for us”, if there are sparklers that need to be bought the day OF the wedding because YOU KNOW that they will be HALF OFF on July 5th!  Just let them pick it up for you. Don’t let your pride keep you from accepting help.

Be honest and transparent with your trusted friends, they love you and don’t know how to help you unless you tell them.  My girlfriends were able to read me well last week, able to discern my stress meter was WAY up, each of them took my younger kids for a different day last week so I could just simply TYPE out my LIST and have some THINKING time to plan!

Let people help you, and prepare a list of things that people can do, no matter how minor it may seem.

Lesson #5 – Make every day leading up to the big day –  memorable –  for the family and all who are involved in the ceremony.  Cry together, laugh together, look at old pictures, listen to music playlists together, celebrate that this is a joyous and beautiful transitional time for your daughter.  Write your thoughts in a journal so you can look back later when the dust all settles.

To exhale and weep

For our family, this wedding won’t be ‘standard’, all our ducks most likely won’t be all in a row, but it will be memorable as we seek to honor the Lord.  We LOVE this time and season. We are grateful for a community of believers who are helping us through this process.  We are grateful for the honor and blessing of being able to give our daughter away to the man of her dreams.


laundry mom ErinLaundry Mom~Erin♥

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