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5 Ways to Simplify Your Laundry: Less is More!

As we’ve added more children to the mix, I’ve had to become more & more minimalist in my approach to almost everything! Simplifying the clothing options in our home is one of the easiest ways to reduce the overall volume of laundry.  Less to get dirty in the first place makes for less loads to wash, less folding to do, and less putting away- making the whole system easier for us all.  This also reduces the size of clothing storage you need, and means that the clothes we all wear make us smile- not cringe!

Home, Children, Family, Clothing, Drawer, Clean, Dirt, Dry, Donating Clothing, Laundry for families, laundry tips, OrganizingIt occurred to me once, while packing for a family holiday, of how easy it was to manage everyone’s clothing when they had exactly what they needed- and nothing more. For example, I loved knowing exactly which 5 shirts my four- year old had, where they were, and whether they were clean or dirty at any given moment!

Here’s how I manage our clothing to keep life simple and our laundry upkeep a smooth running system!

1) Pack away seasonal items.  For example- little boys shorts all go in one tote that gets pulled out in late spring.   I don’t even sort for size- basically sizes 2-5 have such variety that I keep them all together and my little guys can always find a pair that works.

2) When I pull the warmer clothing out of the drawers, I use this time to purge!  I keep only what is in excellent condition and simply swap-out what needs to go in seasonal storage.  I may leave one or two pairs of pants behind in the drawers, along with only one or two hoodies or long-sleeved shirts.

3) Deal with hand-me-downs as soon as they come in!  We get a lot of clothing passed on to us, which is a blessing we are grateful for.  However, the volume can quickly become overwhelming. I go through this initially on my own, then let the kids have some input- keeping only items we love that are stain-free and in great shape.  Sort the rest, then take it all right back out to the back of the vehicle.

4) Imagine the one-week holiday, and what you’d bring. When you realize in any given season that there is likely only a handful of shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters or outer layers you wear most often, it’s much easier to part with the rest.

5) Treat yourself!  If it’s hard to let go of the extras, motivate yourself by buying that one special item you’ve had your eye on.  By selling an extra box of clothing at a garage sale or consignment store, you can buy one or two good quality items you love that will last!

If this is a hard process- ask yourself, what motivates you?  We’re all different and our systems don’t need to look the same.  But if you are finding that keeping on top of the laundry is a stressor in your life, consider doing a good old cleanout of the excess!  It really does help simplify family life in many ways.

How do you stay on top of clothing in your home?

Laundry Mom~Kali ♥




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