Leftover Socks

It’s a cliche at this point: the dryer ate one of your socks and now the single loner is looking for a match all around your laundry room. Although you’ve given up the hope that its mate will turn up, it pains you to throw it away. Here are a few ways to put leftover socks to good use around the house, from toys to cleaning supplies.

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  1. Soapy Sock Fish from Spoonful 
  2. Vase Cozy from Kreativcom
  3. Bunny Rattle from Homemade by Jill
  4. Classic Sock Puppets from Spoonful
  5. DIY Swiffer Sweeper from Sew Much Ado
  6. Coffee Cup Sleeve from Real Simple
  7. Draft Snake from Craftster
  8. Handmade Jumping Rope from Spoonful

adapted from: www.apartmenttherapy.com


Enjoy this restful Sunday with your family, knowing that those lost socks will now have a place to call home!

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