Laundry at 4 am

Laundry at 4 am

by Terri Bonin


HALT!! This article is NOT for the weak-stomached, so if you’re naturally queasy skip this little large family story for the sake of your breakfast.

Early this morning in the wee hours one daughter awakened as a green cloud swept over her. This daughter sleeps on the top bunk with two outward descending beds below. She cried out for help from her sleeping sisters.

No one responded…

Not knowing how to handle the cloud of nausea Laura Kate leaned over her bunk and puked on the unsuspecting siblings below. Vomit splattered on the four sleeping princesses and WIDE AWAKE is the new word to describe the group. SCREAMS filled the room!!

Daddy bounded out of his bed and ran to the rescue…however…

When he absorbed the scene the only thing Daddy could do was wake me up to laugh with him. I mean PEE IN OUR PANTS LAUGH!! I know it doesn’t make sense that we, their parents, were completely useless to our vomit-covered offspring, but I think delirium sets in at 4 am for tired parents.

Our poor, poor girls.

Anyway, as you can imagine three sets of sheets, blankets, and comforters, plus 5 sets of pajamas were blessed with stomach soup that early morning, so I am ESPECIALLY thankful I had ordered THIEVES LAUNDRY SOAP !! YES!! Seriously!! I’m continually running out of laundry soap, but this day we had EXACTLY what we needed Praise the Lord! Can I get an Amen? Has anyone been there? YUCK!!

Did you know that laundry soap is one of the most toxic laden chemicals found in most homes? Most of these toxins and chemicals are banned in other countries but in the United States, they are allowed because when the Toxic Control Substance Act of 1976 was passed, the law did not require and still does not require any safety testing for the roughly 60,000 “grandfathered” substances that were already in use. These chemicals remain in products today without having to show any warning on the label!
The Number 1 Pollutant in the Home is Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener, gasp! Who knew!

Here we are trying to be good moms in the midst of a stomach soup nightmare, or just a good ole day of little boys playing in the dirt with frogs and rocks, or little girls having tea parties, and one of the most toxic chemicals is walking right in the front door and our families are wearing their toxic covered clothes and sleeping in sheets drenched in toxic chemicals, and drying off with the towels washed and dried “fresh” out of the laundry! #not

One of the best things you can do for your family is ditch the toxins in your home and kick the chemicals to the curb. They are seriously wreaking havoc on our health! If you would like to learn more about how to have a Toxin FREE home, send us an email at info@thedropsofjoy.org and we will send you an invite to our next Toxin-Free Home Facebook party!

Let’s do this thang, and Take Control of Our Family’s Wellness!




ps…Do you wonder if you can use essential oils with your family?

They’ve been an absolute game-changer for our family, providing emotional support, as well as health and wellness support! If you’d like to learn more about essential oils and supplements or would like to jump into a Zoom class about emotions and oils be sure and email our sister site here:


***And for a sample of oils, we will be happy to send you in the snail mail or for more education or to start your monthly wellness box from Young Living just click here!

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