~ Laundry and Marriage ~

Col. 3:18 says, “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord”.   Never has this verse been made more real to me than…well, it has to do with….you guessed it, LAUNDRY!

I suppose I had some bitterness growing inside me, a small seed had taken root and was now pushing up to the surface.

*I really do love and adore my husband of 20 years, but this particular day I was feeling a little…resentment.  It was just another morning where I stumble out of bed past a laundry room overflowing with dirty clothes, I walk into a messy kitchen to a table full of starving children, a husband who just wants a happy wife and his breakfast.  It is no different than any other day,

I’m the one who’s different.  I am the one growing bitter.

Then it comes…

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Husband, “Honey, can I have some breakfast?”

I mutter something under my breath as I’m unloading a dishwasher, just to load it again, just to dirty more dishes, just to make some eggs… “Sure dear, is there anything else I can get you?

Husband, “Are there any clean socks?”

Me:  (losing it now) I turn from the sink and shout out sarcastically, “Do you KNOW how to use a WASHING MACHINE?”

Yes, it’s true, I rose up against my federal head, and let him have it.  Unfortunately for me, HIS federal head (that would be God), stepped in on his behalf to let ME have it!

Husband wisely and sweetly, “never mind, dear, I’ll find some”

I kid you not ladies, that very day my two-year young, heavy duty washing machine BROKE DOWN.  It did not just break down for a little bit, it was broken down for a SOLID MONTH.  We called a repair man, and because it had something to do with the computer, it was going to take some strange parts, which needed to be ordered from China or something, then installed, then when that didn’t work, we had to get the entire wash tub and bearings replaced…to the tune of $400.

Broken down washer for a MONTH!

We have ten people in our family, and it only takes three days for the piles to overtake the home like the cells from an infectious disease.  No matter how hard I tried to make the best of visiting the local Laundromat with four kids under 8 in tow, I knew this was my discipline from God and I had to carry it out and learn my lesson.

I knew God was rebuking me and I repented to my husband.

So ladies, take it from me, if you ever THINK about criticizing your husband’s laundry skills, think again.  You do NOT want the wrath of Father God on your washing machine.  It’s not a fun lesson to learn.

Laundry Mom ~Erin♥

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