~ Late Night Shopping ~

I left my husband in the car…

It was fast approaching nine o’clock in the evening and the family and I had just left the end of year Classical Conversation party with our home school friends. My oldest son once again reminded me that we were out of dog food, resulting in a late night run into Walmart to pick some up before I headed back to the tiny town where we live. In small town USA every store closes by 8pm!

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My husband decided to stay in the car with the two little one’s who were almost asleep while the two older kids accompanied me in the store. It dawned on me that I  needed a few other things besides dog food.

I decided to add polish remover to my list, thanks to my three year old showcasing her artistic talent on the bathroom walls with red fingernail polish.  The kids and I searched all over the store and it took longer than we planned… Then the kids reminded me of a few things they needed and so on… We finally made it to the check out isle and every open check out lane had a line of about 6-7 people. We patiently waited until our turn to check out.

After we checked out we were about to walk outside and my little girl informed me she had to go potty. I quickly took her potty and we were almost out of the store when I heard a familiar voice loudly say, “CHRISTINA!”

I turned around to see my husband carrying two sleepy kids in his arms as he approached me.

Needless to say he was trying to figure out what was taking me so long but he couldn’t reach me due to my cell phone battery needing to be charged. After waiting almost an hour and not able to reach me he grew a little impatient. He expected me to run in for dog food and be right back. All I could say was, “I’m sorry it took longer than I thought it would take…”. I lost track of time when I remembered what I needed from the store. Thank goodness my husband chose to forgive me for not being mindful.  So glad we learned that we need to ask for forgiveness and not just “get over it” as it would always come back later if we don’t truly forgive one another.

I am not only thankful for having a forgiving husband but one thing for sure I am thankful that I no longer have to make trips to the store in the middle of the night with four kids and a husband in tow to get laundry detergent. It is so nice to know that I can do as many load of laundry as my family needs and I will never run out of laundry detergent because I simply don’t need it any more! Now if only dog food didn’t run out…


Laundry Mom~Christina♥

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