Kid Couch Time

It all started about 10 years ago.  Our family was tucked into little cabin in the woods, serving at a week of family camp.  I was getting ready to tuck in my little guys for the night, when my then 4 year old said, “Hey Mom, do you want to play Feel Good Shoppe?”

I wasn’t familiar with the name and certainly was intrigued.  “Hmmm, Feel Good Shoppe?  Sounds nice…what’s that?”

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“Well, you sit down and read us stories and we rub your feet.  So it feels good. Stuff like that.”

Of course, my mama heart leaps  at the cuteness of it all, and with my dusty flip-flop feet aching for a rubdown, I tried to keep it casual: “Umm, sure- that sounds fun.  I  guess we could play that.”

Inside, I’m thinking, “HELLO?! Sign me up!”

Ten years later and this is one game I have definitely kept in the repertoire.  Not every night… one needs to be strategic about making sure this remains a special “treat” to pull out with mama.  Just every now and again.

So around bedtime, as we’re cuddled on the couch, I casually ask, “Anyone want to play Feel Good Shoppe while I read stories?”

I’ve picked up some of those wooden nobby backrubbers, some peppermint foot cream, exfoliating gloves, and those tickly hair massagers (which I love, but causes some people to crawl out of their skin!)  And away they go.  One at the neck and back, one at the feet…and I read aloud.

Tuck this idea into your back pocket for the night when you need a little rest and let your little ones have FUN loving on their mom!



LM-Kali2Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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8 comments on “Kid Couch Time

  1. Holly Hanks says:

    I love this! My kids do ths for me but we rub each others feet. I will have to add in reading time while we do this.

    • laundrymoms says:

      Isn’t it the best Holly? Sometimes we’ll listen aloud to an audio book- (then hands can be free too!) ~ Kali

  2. Lori Ann says:

    Definitely need a LOVE option on Facebook for this post. Thank you for this Kali. I’m gonna do this over the weekend! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. laundrymoms says:

    Yes Lori Ann! Even better is to receive a footrub while snuggling or breastfeeding a new baby 🙂 ENJOY! ~Kali

  4. Naomi Masi says:

    What a great idea! Love this! I will keep this one in mind for when my baby gets older. Thank YOU!

  5. laundrymoms says:

    You’re welcome Naomi- have fun with your little one! ~Kali

  6. terri bonin says:

    Kali, I LOVE this! Pregnant Mama over here will be playing this game A LOT during the summer 🙂 Thanks!

  7. laundrymoms says:

    Oh yes- being a pregnant mama in the summer is the perfect time to open the “Feel Good Shoppe”! They should bring you healthy popsicles too 🙂 ~Kali

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