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laundry, clean, laundry basket, dryer, shirt, fold and hang, fabric box, sorted, family projectAfter years of having laundry baskets of clean laundry end up in our bedroom, with little
ones (and admittedly, a couple grown-ups) rummaging daily to find clothes out of heaps
of clothing that inevitably hit the floor, I decided one year that this was it.

Time to change up the drill.

If you ‘re like me and have a strong dislike for mountains of laundry to fold at one sitting,
consider incorporating this one habit into your routine.

It’s embarassingly simple, but it works.

Just fold laundry as it comes, straight from the dryer. No dumping it all out into one big
basket! Grab a shirt, fold or hang it and sort it into the appropriate person’s “put-away” pile. That’s it.

We each have our own small fabric box to hold the clean goods. These are small enough
that even the 2 year old can carry their own. Though the goal is to have baskets put
away at the end of the day, but at the very least, the clothes are clean, folded, sorted and

There are times when I really just need to toss that wet load into the dryer as soon as
possible and need to then empty out the big load of clean dry clothes without folding…
but for the most part, I find I can spare 10 minutes to fold that one load. It keeps a little
job from becoming a really big job!

I love hearing how others tackle the daily challenges of laundry management. What kind
of folding system works for you?


Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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