How God Answered My Prayer

How God Answered My Prayer

by Terri Bonin


A few years ago when I was in the throws of babies and toddlers and the stench of multiple poopy diapers hung in the air. Yes, poopy and the worst kind of poopy at that: OTHER kids’ poopy, not my own little darlings.

I had been away from the house ALL DAY in a volunteer situation working with little children in a cramped nursery surrounded by stinky diapers. I had what my family calls “A DAY!” I love children, but I don’t necessarily love their poopy and the lingering smell just about unraveled me. At the end of the day I rolled into the driveway dreaming about a hot bath and cuddles with my kids and hubby on the couch when…

One of my oldest daughters, who was at the time still living at home, greeted me with, “Oh good you’re home! I need to talk to you. Let’s go on a date NOW!”

The last thing I wanted to do was leave the house, get back in traffic and deal with emotional drama. Seriously! Hormonal drama after a day of toddler poop? I don’t think so!

I came home totin’ a “tude.” I wanted a bubble bath and my way…NOW! I needed my day to end. To halt. To be over.

However, being the very mature mother that I am, (insert rolling eyes), I stuffed my feelings and agreed to take said daughter on this spur of the moment date in my harried condition. In the car this daughter poured out the issues of her heart and what God was doing inside of her. It was as if she had been reading my prayer journal and was speaking the very prayers I had been praying for her back to me. We drove around town for 2 hours and I listened in awe at her desire to KNOW God and relinquish her rights to Him. My heart overflowed at His faithfulness to my daughter (and me.)

But here’s a funny thing, I could have easily missed the opportunity to hear God’s direct answer to my specific prayers. Honestly, His answers whisper at the most inconvenient times.

Why does He do that?

Doesn’t He know I like a neat, reliable schedule where answers come when I’m rested and can focus?

God has been teaching me to run to His calm in the middle of my storm, for there I can survive anything, because it is there that I hear His voice. Learning to refresh myself within the context of the intense schedule He has called me to, rather than tote a ‘tude that will only cheat me from hearing His Voice, is the most important discipline I practice. This can only be achieved if I tuck His Word in my brain like shown in my few articles.

God doesn’t follow our schedule and He’s outside of our time. If we really want to hear from Him, we must be prepared to recognize His answers when we least expect them. Ask God to help you press into Him for refreshment in the midst of the intense work He has called you to, so that You can hear His whisper over your own ‘tude.



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