Hope for Hurting Marriages

“A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands.” (Proverbs 14:1)

Marriage is under assault today like never before. Even rock-solid relationships are not immune to attack, whether those attacks come from without or within.

How can we safeguard our marriages and protect our homes and families from forces that would seek to destroy them?

We must never lose HOPE!

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There are four things we can do today to fortify our marriage and keep it standing strong tomorrow:

H = Honor

Honor is the bedrock of any relationship. Honor your husband. Communicate respect. Honor your marriage vows. Too many couples seem ready to toss them out the window at the slightest provocation. You must honor the promises and commitments you made on your wedding day if you hope for love to last. And above all, honor God in the way you conduct life in your home — including (especially) the way you treat and talk to and think about your spouse.

O = Observe

Some folks can’t see the honey for the bees. Don’t get so distracted by little offenses that your lose sight of the big picture. Focus on your husband’s good qualities instead of his annoying habits. When conflicts arise, try to see things from his perspective. Watch for contributing factors (stress, hunger, lack of sleep or intimacy, etc.), and try to avoid those triggers in the future. In the midst of any hardship, look for positive lessons to be learned and ways in which God might use that trial for your good and His glory. (Romans 8:28)

P = Pray

Never underestimate the power of prayer. We have an advocate above who is able “to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20) If you are burdened about the health of your marriage, lay it at the feet of Jesus. He alone has the power to heal. Pray for your husband, yes, but also pray that God would open your eyes to any blind spots in your own life — attitudes or actions that need to change for your marriage to flourish the way He intends.

E = Excel

The Bible tells us that an excellent wife “comforts, encourages, and does [her husband] only good as long as there is life within her.” (Proverbs 31:10-12) It’s a high ideal to shoot for, but shouldn’t we strive to be that sort of woman? To be a blessing, not a burden? To nurture, not nag? To be a wife who loves deeply, serves joyfully, forgives freely, and labors tirelessly to build a home filled to overflowing with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and all good things? (Galatians 5:22)

By the grace of God, we can be such a wife and we can have such a home, provided we don’t lose HOPE.

By wisdom a house is built, through understanding it is established, and by knowledge its rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” (Proverbs 24:3-4)


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7 comments on “Hope for Hurting Marriages

  1. […] I’m over at The Laundry Moms this weekend writing about HOPE for Hurting Marriages. […]

  2. Mary says:

    This is a wonderful article. One more tip I would like to add is for all wives (husbands, too) to read The Five Love Languages. Along with Jennifers tips, it will show you how your spouse communicates love. It completely changed my marriage 15 years ago. We just celebrated 24 years.

  3. laundrymoms says:

    Jennifer…Thank You for this wonderful message! & Mary…you are right….The Five Love Languages is a fabulous book! The more tips we can incorporate into safe guarding our marriages the better!~Angela

  4. Kali says:

    This is such a great post Jennifer- love the HOPE acronym…so perfect.

  5. Little Wife says:

    As a new wife (7 months now!) I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is, as you put it, “Observing!” My husband has lots of little habits that can get on my nerves, simply because the way he does something usually isn’t the way I would… like sticking his magnetic gloves on our front door… but those little things, I’ve realized, are what make my husband so fun and special! He’s always surprising me!

  6. Jessica says:

    Well said ! I have just finished reading “Boundaries in Marriage” and this helped me see the ‘plank in my eye’ . I’ll have to check out your book 🙂

  7. Jessica says:

    After serving tirelessly, serviços ng joyfully for years, i ended up diagnoses with depression. God doesnt Sant wives to be overworked, underpaid and depressed so husbands can build garage projects on his free time. That’s unfair.

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