Holly on Hollywood – Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Holly on Hollywood
“Maze Runner: The Death Cure”
by Holly McClure


Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” is the third and final film in the book series. It opens with a spectacularly staged train rescue and continues with one action scene after another.  The story follows Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and the rest of the escaped Gladers as they attempt to save Minho from being experimented on in the Last City, and avoid the evil Janson, who wants to kill them all. If their daring attempt fails, Vince will get the rest of the immune kids on a ship to travel to safety. And of course, all have to avoid the constant threat of zombies. Starring Dylan O’BrienThomas SangsterAiden GillenBarry Pepper.


Maze Runner

Parents, the PG-13 is aimed at the teen audience but contains mature themes, strong language, explosions and deaths, so it’s not for younger children. There’s considerably more strong language in the movies than in the books, a high body count, lots of bad guys, big explosions, shoot-outs, a stabbing and a dramatic open and climactic close (both have been done in other movies but it still works) and deaths of several characters. Lots of action and intense scenes, ugly zombies attacking periodically, and a race to get the serum that will cure the world of the zombie plague. Thomas is a charismatic leader and the kids are smart, which is what makes the storyline interesting and moves it along. Gally (Will Poulter), makes a comeback as a good guy and ultimately, there’s a happy ending with most all of the characters and closure. There are themes of learning to trust, protect, and defend one another as well as teamwork, sacrifice and courage. This is an intense, action-filled closure to a teen book series that will please the fans but is definitely for mature teens to adults.

“Remember to Choose Your Movies Wisely”

~Holly On Hollywood~




Holly_McClureHolly McClure is a multimedia personality with a career that spans over 20 years in the entertainment industry. Her background as a film critic, film and television producer, creative director, filmographer, radio and television host, author and pundit for family values, has established her expertise and made her a recognized advocate for family-friendly entertainment.

Holly was the first family film critic syndicated in over 365 newspapers with The Orange County Register. Her “Holly on Hollywood” movie reviews have been featured on TBN, Daystar and can now be seen on Uplift TV, The Word Network, UANetwork, Parables.tv and other affiliates.

In 2002, Mel Gibson asked Holly to come to Italy and film the behind-the-scenes interviews for The Passion of the Christ. She produced a one hour special, The Making of The Passion of the Christ (TBN, ION) and has since produced numerous press features for films like; Do You Believe, Dancer and the Dame, God’s Not Dead, The Frontier Boys, House, Thr3e, One Night With the King, Midnight Clear, The Visitation, Hangman’s Curse and others.

Holly is a charter member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and serves on the advisory boards of The Dove Foundation and The Parents Television Council. She is a proud mother, grandmother, mentor and Christian, and passionate about supporting and creating life-changing entertainment!
For more information visit Hollymcclure.com or IMDB.com

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